Woman Devastated After House Sitter Leaves Her Home Trashed

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Sep 2021 11:15
Woman Devastated After House Sitter Leaves Her Home Trashed@aggieemily2013/TikTok

A TikToker was left devastated after coming home from a ‘beautiful’ weekend away to find her home had been trashed by the person responsible for taking care of it. 

It’s not unusual for people to leave their home and pets in the care of house-sitters when they go away for a few days, and while the departure is often accompanied by calls of ‘make yourself at home!’, it’s usually expected that the house will be in a reasonable state upon their return.


Unfortunately for TikToker Emily, she got a nasty surprise when she returned from a trip this summer after having left her home in the care of a family member.

House sitter spills nail varnish (@aggieemily2013/TikTok)@aggieemily2013/TikTok

Capturing the chaos in a video, Emily panned across what appeared to be pen scribbles on a wooden table, furniture in disarray, nail varnish spilt across a tabletop, M&Ms scattered across the floor, a broken lego set, blankets strewn on the ground, and rubbish left carelessly discarded around the house.

The TikToker explained she wanted to capture the footage so as to ensure the person responsible for the mess couldn’t try to claim it ‘wasn’t that bad’, or accuse Emily of overreacting, and she sounded tearful as she implied it was the last time she would leave her home in their care.


Speaking to UNILAD about the incident, Emily explained that while she loves her family ‘very much’, the incident and the fallout that resulted ‘hurts and sucks’.

See the video below:


However, the situation did allow Emily to ‘put boundaries in place that have enhanced [her] life, benefitted [her] chosen family, and allowed [her] to live more authentically’.


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She added, ‘Although I’m heartbroken about what happened, I am hoping and praying for the best for my family member.’

Emily has admitted she originally posted the video because other family members ‘minimised’ what happened to her and she was ‘seeking validation’, though in sharing her experience she found a ‘community’ she could relate to, and one which has ‘lifted [her] up during a pretty hard time’.

House sitter leaves home trashed (@aggieemily2013/TikTok)@aggieemily2013/TikTok

She said, ‘I would encourage others to remember it’s okay to put yourself first – just because someone doesn’t like a boundary doesn’t mean it’s not valid. It likely means that they benefitted more from the boundary-less version of you.’


TikTok users have rallied around Emily after she shared her video, with commenters questioning how the house sitter managed to cause such a mess and condemning them for their lack of respect towards Emily’s home.

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  1. @aggieemily2013/TikTok

    POV: you come home after a beautiful weekend asking someone to watch the house, pups, and chicks and this is what you find.