Woman Discovers She’s Adopted After Spotting Something Unusual In Family Photo


Silvina Martinez Pintos is 31-years-old and has only just found out that she was adopted.

But that isn’t the most fascinating thing about her story – the manner in which she found out is.

To make a long story short Silvina, from Argentina, was flicking through photographs of her mother on Facebook when she noticed something very mysterious in one photo in particular.

In a photograph of her mother taken just weeks before Silvina was born she noticed that her mum wasn’t pregnant at all.


Silvina asked her adopted mother about the photograph and she confirmed that she was indeed adopted. She then took to Facebook to try and track down her biological mum.

So far all she knows is that her birth mother was 16 when she was born and that the doctor who attended the delivery was Dr Ricardo Carminatti.

Writing on social media she put:

I was born in Trelew on March 27, 1985, and I learned recently that I was adopted. A few days after, my adoptive parents took me to live in La Plata, where I lived for 11 years until I moved to Mar del Plata (where I currently live).

I would love to know about the woman who gave birth to me.

I only know that I was born in the Modelo clinic at 11.30 in the morning, my biological mother was 16 years old and the doctor and who attended the delivery was Dr Ricardo Carminatti.

I would be interested to find her, not to judge her. I just want to know who I look like, if I have brothers… and just listen to her.

It was very hard to find out the truth, since I always suspected it and they confirmed it to me without saying more to me than this.


She continued:

My foster mum does not know anything else (or does not want to tell me more), my adoptive father passed away and I want to know what happened: if they abandoned me, if they sold me.

I need to know to be able to continue with my life and close this story that has to do with my identity.

Thanks to all who share my story and those who have offered me their help!

Can you help her?