Woman Disgusted After Sharing Dating App Matches’ Most Controversial Opinions

by : Emily Brown on : 20 Oct 2021 22:26

Finding out your partner’s most controversial opinion could be a make-or-break moment in the relationship, so one single woman decided to get the conversation out of the way early. 

Texas-based TikToker Amanda took to the social media platform this month to explain she has been searching for potential partners on the dating app Hinge, and after finding a few matches she started asking them their most controversial opinions to ‘save time’.


Considering the dating world is full to the brim with people looking to find their other half, I suppose it’s good to try and narrow down your selection by finding out the things you disagree on. Finding someone who will accept every quirk, idea and belief isn’t a quick process, after all.

TikToker shares matches' most controversial opinions (@amandan346/TikTok)@amandan346/TikTok

Amanda received some extremely, let’s say ‘interesting’, answers to her question, as demonstrated in a couple of TikTok videos in which she shared images of her conversations.

One potential match expressed their belief men and women are ‘never going to be equal’ due to ‘biology’, while another bluntly stated they were against ‘chivalry’. Just to be clear, the Merriam Webster dictionary defines chivalry as ‘an honorable and polite way of behaving especially toward women’, so I think Amanda is best leaving that match behind.


Check out her video below:


Another potential partner admitted they didn’t think the life-saving coronavirus vaccine was a ‘huge deal’, while another had the disturbing response that ‘bullying is good for the country’.

A follow-up video saw Amanda reveal that one of the matches actually had a girlfriend, which is controversial enough in itself and prompted the TikToker to apologise if she was ‘talking to your boyfriend’.


Amanda later changed up her questions to ask her matches what was a ‘controversial opinion [they] stand by’, as well as their ‘least favourite thing about women’ – to which one responded: ‘Don’t get me started’. Yikes.

Men share their most controversial opinions (@amandan346/TikTok)@amandan346/TikTok

One match showed their support for Kanye West’s 2020 presidential campaign, while another expressed belief ‘racism has been dead for a while’. Needless to say, I think Amanda’s efforts to ‘save time’ definitely paid off with those matches, hopefully teaching her that she’s better off without them.

TikTokers responded to Amanda’s video to express their disbelief at some of the comments, with one person writing: ‘Damn, I think my most controversial opinion is blue cheese is better than ranch. These guys are just… wow’.


Hopefully Amanda will have more luck with her matches in the future!

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