Woman Dives Into Murky River, Emerges With Massive Surprise

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jun 2016 14:43
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Guys, it looks like we’ve been doing fishing wrong all along- well that’s if this video is to go by anyway. 


Footage of a girl in a bikini catching a massive catfish with her bare hands has gone viral.

The girl, simply known as Hannah, can be seen chilling in a muddy lake with her boyfriend before she all of a sudden disappears under the surface.


She emerges a few seconds later with her arm inside a 4ft catfish up to her elbow, no line or hook are necessary apparently.


Her boyfriend says in the video: “That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout Hannah, hold that big old fish! That right there gon’ be good in some grease.”


He added: “Hannah going under, just don’t let it spin on her”, as she dives beneath the surface of the water.

She comes up with one hand in the fish’s mouth and the other in its gill, gripping it as it flops in the air.


The practice she’s carrying out is known as ‘noodling’, where you try and snare a catfish by placing your bare hand inside a catfish hole, wait for the fish to clamp its mouth around the arm before dragging it back to the surface. Fuck that!

It goes without saying that it can be very dangerous, with people losing fingers and even hands by doing this.

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I think I’ll just to the classic line or hook method, ta.

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