Woman Documents ‘Toughest Summer’ After Assault Leaves Her With $20K In Hospital Bills


A young woman has opened up about her ‘toughest summer’ after experiencing an assault which left her with $20,000 in hospital bills.

Ally Stone, 23, from California, posted about her struggles earlier today, October 31, on social media, saying life had been ‘kicking [her] in the ass like crazy’ recently.

As well as mentioning the assault, the Ally spoke openly about losing her dog, getting blocked on Instagram so she couldn’t make any money, and a ‘friend’ who had scammed her out of $4,000.

In a series of screenshots posted to her Twitter account, Ally provided evidence of these claims and asked her followers to donate money to her Venmo account.

She wrote:

After a tough summer – from losing friends/money, to an assault with well over 20k in bills, to being blocked on my IG so i couldnt [sic] make money or open up…

if you wanted to help, my site is on sale or my cash/venmo is allycstone too.

The 23-year-old then thanked her 11.3k followers before adding: ‘this has just been hard’.

One of the screenshots – taken from WorldStarHipHop – documented the assault which Ally says cost her more than $20k in medical bills.

As per the publication, the violent attack took place on May 25 when a member of rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s management team, Yasin Touray, allegedly violently punched several women in a hotel room.

The attack was all captured on video – obtained by The Blast – with Touray seen throwing a ‘haymaker punch’ which hits one of the women in the face and sends her falling to the ground. Another woman then tried to intervene, at which point Touray appears to grab her and punch her multiple times in the face.

woman punched in faceThe Blast

In another one of the screenshots, Ally was called a ‘headcase’ by her ex-friend, before that same person wrote: ‘No wonder your own family hates you,’ and ‘you have NO FRIENDS!’.

Ally then responded saying:

Youre [sic] the one who happily let me sign $4000 bills then blocked me when we got home

The person on the other end of the text replied, saying ‘you can’t even keep a man for more than a night’, before calling her a ‘slut’. Ignoring the insults, Ally simply asked the friend to pay what they owed her.

It’s not been confirmed that either of the women in the prior-mentioned video are Ally.

UNILAD has reached out to Ally for comment.

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