Woman Drives 8 Miles With Street Cleaner Clinging To Bonnet

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 01 Oct 2018 13:36
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Footage has emerged of a woman driving along a highway with a man desperately clinging to the bonnet of her car.

The video shows a man, who is believed to be a street cleaner, hanging on for dear life as the female driver, 45, sped along for eight miles before eventually stopping at a police station where she was promptly fined for the reckless and dangerous act.


The woman apparently refused to stop or let the sanitation worker off her white Skoda, forcing the man to hold on and simply wait for her to stop.

Check it out:

The bizarre incident happened in Hanyang district in Wuhan, the capital city of 
Central China’s Hubei province, where the woman is said to have reversed into the man’s 
broom, starting an argument between the pair.


The cleaner tried to stop the woman driving off by lying on her bonnet. Instead, she drove off with him on it for eight miles, according to reports, before stopping at a police station to turn him in.

It was the driver, however, who was punished with a fine for dangerous driving.

Residents were shocked to see the man going past on the car bonnet, as they sped across the Yingwuzhou Yangtze River Bridge and later 
Xiongchu Street Elevated Bridge – a main thoroughfare.


According to local authorities, the woman drove around 13 kilometres (eight 
miles) through Wuhan and eventually stopped at Jianqiao Police Station.

Officers charged her with dangerous driving and gave her a fine of 500 RMB
 (55 GBP), plus 10 days of ‘administrative detention’. It is unclear, however, whether she lost her licence.

The police said the cleaner was sent home after suffering ‘no obvious external injuries’.


Another person who, thankfully, picked up no injuries despite their time spent on the bonnet of a moving car was this woman, caught on a dashcam in the city of Buzuluk in the Orenburg Oblast region of Russia.

Said to be a ‘mother of many children’, the woman claims she wanted to commit suicide. If that’s true, however, she picked the wrong car.

What’s more likely, however, is the possibility she was trying – and failing – to pull off an insurance scam. The commitment to the cause is minimal though, as she leaps through the air, only to land one knee on the car, quickly retreating to the pavement.

Check it out:


For a second it looks like she might try it again, but then she changes her mind, presumably hanging her head in shame and reassessing her approach to insurance scams.

Fraudsters cashing in on insurance scams are more common than you’d think. However, thanks to dashcams, we are also seeing the ridiculousness of a lot of them.

Loretta Worters, a spokesperson with the Insurance Information Institute in New York, told CBS:

Staged auto accidents are a dangerous criminal activity that target innocent drivers with increasingly bold schemes aimed at defrauding insurance companies.

Honest policyholders ultimately end up paying more for auto insurance, but the people committing the fraud can also cause serious injuries or death.

So keep your eyes out, who knows what might land on your bonnet next time you’re on the road!

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