Woman Dumped By Fiancé After Eating Too Many Chips Loses Half Her Bodyweight

by : UNILAD on : 24 Jan 2018 21:49

A former chip addict saw her weight double after being dumped by her fiancé and now, she’s lost it all again in an spectacular transformation.


Shelbie Hensel’s body transformation is incredible. She gained more than 130lbs while pregnant with her daughter Preslie and tipped the scales at 262lbs after her birth in November 2014.

The 24-year-old mum locked herself at home after Preslie’s father abandoned them three months into her pregnancy


During the difficult period, Shelbie turned to comfort eating and would gorge herself on bowls of chips, crisps and dip.


At her heaviest, Shelbie was forced to abandon jeans in exchange for elasticated extra large trousers.

Now she wears a small/medium size after shedding 127 lbs and says she feels ‘amazing’.


Shelbie, from Ontario in Canada, said:

Luckily I didn’t have any problems with my pregnancy, it was healthy but I was under so much stress.

My fiancé left me when I was three months pregnant and that was tough. I was so embarrassed.

I turned to food as a comfort. I am a big chips and french fry girl and I just indulged in my favorite things when I was pregnant.

I became a hermit who just hid away and didn’t leave the house, eating everything and anything in sight. My activity level dropped to nothing.

I couldn’t even consider wearing jeans anymore, they would dig into me and it was just way too uncomfortable.


At one point, Shelbie was so big, she struggled to sit on the floor and play with her new baby.

Shelbie continued:


When my daughter was about one-year-old, it came to the point where I couldn’t even get down on my knees to play with her.

I would get out of breath even going up the stairs.

My body wasn’t used to the weight either because all through my high school years I was fit and I was a healthy size.

I was 22 and 262lbs and it was at that point, I was so embarrassed by my weight – I absolutely hated my big stomach – I just knew something had to change.


Shelbie photographed herself at the beginning of the weight loss journey, standing in front of her bathroom mirror.

She talked about how she used them for motivation:

They were just for my personal use to motivate me but they were very hard to look at. I was so embarrassed. Why had I let it get this bad?

I would leave my daughter with my mom and just walk for 15 minutes. When I first started, that 15-minute walk was so hard for me. I would be out of breath.

Eventually, I built it up to a 30-minute walk, then an hour and then a jog.

When I lost a bit of weight I got a gym membership and would go at times when I knew nobody would be there.

I’m a girl who really loves food so I knew I couldn’t deprive myself. Now I allow myself one cheat day a week and I eat what I want.

Overall I’ve tried to cut down on carbs and introduce good fats into my everyday diet.


As with many people who go through dramatic weight loss, Shelbie has been left with a lot of excess loose skin and stretch marks.

Due to this, she said she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing bikinis because she’s ‘still not 100 per cent confident’ with her body, but is proud of her hard work.

She still allows herself one cheat day a week because food is just great isn’t it!

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