Woman Expertly Trolls Ex Who Dumped Her Via Text Before Xmas


This woman had the last laugh as she expertly kicked her ex to-the-curb in a brilliant troll session. 

Her former fiance will probably be gutted now that the world knows what he did and the present he missed out on…

Misjudging the situation terribly, he dumped his girlfriend by text, making the rookie error of doing it BEFORE they had swapped Christmas presents.

Unbeknown to him, his fiance had bought him Dallas Cowboys tickets for his festive gift, Uproxx reports.

Unlucky for him though, he’d already done the deed and got rid of her by text, leaving the newly single lady to enjoy the game without him.

On top of that, she took a handmade sign, slamming him for dumping her by text before Christmas- so now, everybody knows…

As a result the joke is definitely on him as now the world thinks he’s heartless AND an idiot for sacking her off before he’d seen the gift she’d bought.

She 100 per cent got her own back there and then some.

Wouldn’t you just hate to be that guy right now…