Woman Falls In Love With Stray Dog On Holiday, Brings Him Back Home

Emmy Karnot/Facebook

You will hear people all the time recounted you with tales about their holiday romances, but this cute little guy was at the centre of one himself...

A tourist who fell in love with a homeless puppy in the Philippines has flown him back to Germany.

Emmy Karnot/Facebook

Emmy Karnot initially intended to have a six week holiday in Boracay back in July, but ended up staying for three months so she could adopt him.

When she met Buddy the mongrel he was only six weeks old and saw him living beneath an old police car. After playing with the dogs, a police officer handed her the puppy as a birthday present.

Emmy wrote on Facebook:

He said to me ‘happy birthday’ and my only thought was [what] if I do everything wrong, because I never had a dog before. [But I thought] if he stays with me, it’s better than there. So I accepted his present and adopted Buddy, he was so small.

She described the process of bringing Buddy back to her native Germany as ‘complicated and expensive’- but she did not give up.

Since adopting him, Buddy has been learning to surf, met swans, celebrated Christmas and has even felt snow on his paws for the first time.

Emmy shared the heartwarming story on Facebook and it has been liked and shared thousands of times.

She added:

It was so complicated and expensive to get all the papers he [needs] for Germany – sometimes I was so close to [giving] up. But with the help of my friends we arrived happily together six weeks ago in Germany. I couldn’t leave him – I love this little guy so much.

You’ve got to love a happy ending…