Woman Finds Friend’s ‘Strategically Carved’ Soap Sex Toy In Shower

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Woman Finds Friend's 'Strategically Carved' Soap Sex Toy In ShowerKennedy News and Media

A woman publicly shamed her friend after finding his ‘strategically carved’ sex toy made of soap in his shower, resulting in him blocking her on social media.

Olivia Waters, 23, had popped round to her friend’s house to buy his laptop and ‘hang out’ but was kept waiting for nearly 10 minutes outside his house while he ‘had a shower’.


However, when she went into his bathroom to use the toilet, she realised what he’d really been up to when she spotted a yellow bar of soap with a well-worn hole through the middle.

Girl finds friend's soap sex toyKennedy News and Media

When she confronted him about it, Olivia’s friend confirmed he had been using the soap for sexual gratification – something the 23-year-old found so funny she decided to share it on social media.

Olivia, from Statesboro, Georgia, lives approximately one hour away from her unnamed friend and so texted him when she was halfway there to let him know she was around 30 minutes away. She thought nothing of it when she didn’t receive a response until she turned up at his house and no one answered the door for another 10 minutes.


Believing his excuse he was simply in the shower, Olivia said her immediate reaction when she found out what he’d actually been up to was, ‘wow, what the f*ck’.

She explained:

I knew that he was weird, but oh my. It’s the first time I’ve seen soap used in that way. I’ve never thought about how it would work.

Girl finds friend's soap sex toyKennedy News and Media

The 23-year-old claims she found the improvised sex toy completely by chance, as ‘his shower and toilet were really close together because it’s a small apartment’.

When she first caught sight of it, Olivia thought, ‘That soap is destroyed.’ However, when she got closer she saw the strategically placed hole and put two and two together.

Olivia continued:

The shower curtain was back, the shower was wet, the soap was wet, and he’d already told me he’d been in the shower. I thought, ‘dude, did you seriously make me sit outside while you were f*cking your soap?’.

After I left I was cackling the whole way home. I couldn’t help but laugh. I sent it to one of my friends before I posted it and she asked what is wrong with me and the people I hang out with.

Girl finds friend's soap sex toyKennedy News and Media

Upon posting the picture on social media – which inevitably went viral – the unnamed man saw it and blocked her, upset that his friend had exposed his secret.

Olivia said he ‘got mad’ and ‘really upset’ because his roommate had seen the post and saw everyone had been commenting about his shower being slightly dirty. ‘He said people are going to think he’s trashy,’ she explained.

However, after the post surpassed 10,000 shares he unblocked her and forgave her when she reassured him she hadn’t told anyone his name. He then created his own social media account to celebrate his newfound fame, referring to himself as ‘Soap Dude’.


He also wants to launch an adult movie career based on the post, with Olivia stating: ‘I’m pretty sure that he is serious. I’ve had some people message and ask if he is going to post a video and he told me he is waiting for his day to do it.’

Girl finds friend's soap sex toyKennedy News and Media

Olivia said while she knew her friend was ‘really kinky’ and ‘outside of the box’ compared to most people, she was still ‘really surprised’ when she found the soap.

Presumably not as surprised as her friend was when he saw his carefully crafted soap sex toy plastered all over Facebook for the world to see, but hey.

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