Woman Finds Really Creepy Shrine To Her Under Partner’s Dad’s Bed

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Finding a shrine under your partner’s dad’s bed is probably one of the most creepiest things that could possibly happen to you. 

For this girl though, it actually happened and was even more disturbing than you might think, according to the Daily Mail.

To add to the utter freakiness of the situation, the shrine, chillingly, included a jar containing a clump of her own hair.


The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, understandably, took to an online forum to share her horrifying find with users. The girl revealed that she had found four jars, each containing a bizarre concoction of substances.

One was the jar of hair, another was filled with honey, another with herbs with her name written across it and the last, a jar of honey and herbs.

Clearly freaked out, the girl desperately sought advice, fearing that she had a weird, love spell put on her.

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To provide some context for potential advisers, she explained that her relationship with her partner’s dad is sometimes fraught.

According to the post, she confessed that he has accused her of having affairs with other family members, but that ‘everyone’ believes that her partner’s dad is the one who’s actually attracted to her. Horrified at her creepy revelation, people posted their responses and attempted to offer their help on her absurd situation.

One woman shared a positive post:

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Another advised her on some self-defence:

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And another suggested her partner questions his dad:


The post was so unusual, it caught the eye of a ‘real’ witch, who worryingly confirmed the girl’s suspicions about the love spell:

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She even admitted it was ‘creepy’ and ‘unsettling’ and advised her to get a pentagram to protect her against unwanted ‘psychological, spiritual and magical attacks.’

She did try to reassure the girl that the spell wouldn’t work though, as apparently spells only work if there are ‘pure intentions.’

Well that’s good to know…