Woman Finds Secret Staircase Inside 148-Year-Old Home She Just Bought

by : Emily Brown on : 07 May 2021 18:24
Woman Finds Secret Staircase Inside 148-Year-Old Home She Just Bought @grummlinds/TikTok

A TikTok user has captivated viewers by revealing a mysterious blocked-off staircase found in her 148-year-old home. 

Potential property owners tend to inspect every aspect of a building before deciding to fork out thousands of pounds for it, but despite moving into her home a few months ago, Lindsay Grummett is still yet to explore all of its nooks and crannies.


The TikTok user took to the platform this week to explain that her home is 148 years old, making clear that it’s seen a lot during its time, and has apparently also undergone some architectural adjustments.

Check out her video below:

@grummlindsMy house may or may not have a secret passage… and probably a few ghosts. ##fypシ♬ original sound – Lindsay Grummett


Addressing her viewers, Lindsay explained that she bought the house because she fell in love with an exposed brick wall located in the living room, but before long she made clear that ‘we are not here to talk about the wall’, explaining, ‘We are here to talk about this door.’

Giving viewers a sweeping view of the upstairs of her home, the TikToker showed that the door in question was located at a turn in the staircase, and appeared to back on to the bathroom.

She then opened the door to reveal a wooden barrier preventing an immediate view into whatever lay beyond. However, the barrier didn’t cover the entire length of the door, and below the construction it was clear that a set of stairs had been covered up.

Stairs concealed behind door (@grummlinds/TikTok)@grummlinds/TikTok

Lindsay also drew attention to some ‘very retro stickers’ that decorated the door, before admitting that she has ‘no idea what’s back there’.

The TikToker asked viewers if they thought she should try and figure out what lay beyond the curious barrier, to which other users naturally said yes. In a follow-up video posted the next day, Lindsay promised that she would attempt to explore the staircase, but that she was too much of a ‘little baby’ to do it alone.

@grummlindsReply to @jenn_bradley86 UPDATE. Kind of. Part 1.5? ##secretroom ##fypシ♬ original sound – Lindsay Grummett


She said, ‘All of you commenting about ghosts and spirits, and all the kinds of weird sh*t that might arise when I go into that space… I’m not willing to do it alone. My boyfriend is out of town for work, he will be back soon, when he arrives we will go in together.’

Lindsay expressed her hopes that the staircase concealed ‘a secret room’ or ‘a pot of gold’, and for her sake – and her boyfriend’s – I hope so too, considering it would certainly be preferable to ghosts and spirits!

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  1. @grummlinds/TikTok

    My house may or may not have a secret passage... and probably a few ghosts.