Woman Furious After Date Refuses To Pay For Her Lobster And £72 Bottle Of Wine


By 2019 you would have thought arguments about who should pay the bill on a first date would be a distant memory, apparently it isn’t.

The fairest way to deal with a bill on a date is to split it. We live in a modern world so there should be no expectations based on gender stereotypes.

Well, that is what I thought but one woman clearly disagrees, leaving her date furious when she refused to pay for her lobster dinner and €80 bottle of wine.

The scenario really reminds me of this episode on First Dates:

Reddit user CuteBananaMuffin shared screenshots from a conversation he had in which a woman brutally slammed him for not footing the bill on a date.

Texting the anonymous woman politely asking her if she would like to go on another date with him, the guy clearly didn’t expect the angry response he received.

She furiously messaged back:

After what you did last time you expect me to go out with you again? Wow.

You made me pay for my own food and drink while you paid only for yours wtf.

Although the woman said ‘wtf’ to the man, he had more of a right to say it than she did, which he made clear.


In response to the woman’s complaint he explained his reasoning messaging back:

So? You invited me, lol! You are lucky you didn’t pay for my food too.

Plus I got a carbonara and a beer while you got lobster and €80 bottle of wine. My food was €17.50 while yours was €110.

And you were really expecting me to pay that? I’m a student not your sugar daddy.

Too right!


While any reasonable person would understand the decision, his explanation only irritated the woman more who became increasingly malicious.

Describing him as ‘rude’, the woman went on to say she would never go on a date with him again adding ‘gentlemen always pay for the girl’s food’.

Having showed her true colours, if I was the guy I would be the one avoiding a future date!

reddit dateCuteBananaMuffin/Reddit

Since conversation descended into a heated debate the guy decided to let the girl know his true feelings on how the date went. He didn’t hold back.

He replied:

Actually I am gentleman that’s why I stayed and not left when you were talking about how much you like ***** and that you wanted to make out with him.

reddit dateCuteBananaMuffin/Reddit

Realising she had been defeated, the girl attempted to leave the conversation with a bang. She claimed ‘all you wanted was to have sex with me anyway so bye loser’.

However, the guy couldn’t let her leave the conversation like that. He replied:

Well…ofc I wanted to have sex with you but then I realised I might have to pay €20 for that.

Ouch. So that’ll be no second date then?

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