Woman Gets Bizarre Revenge After Finding Husband Had Affair With Prostitute

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There are various different paths a couple can take after a secret affair surfaces and rips apart the relationship you thought you knew.

Of course, there is always the option to split up; especially if the affair reveals some deeper faults within the relationship which have been left ignored for years.

Or you could always persevere and try to mend your bruised love; putting the time in to reconnect and move forward. Both tough yet ultimately socially acceptable choices.

Now, a less conventional option would be to then go about charging your guilty other half every time you have sex. Unusual choice perhaps, but this is exactly what one livid wife did after discovering her husband’s indiscretions…

This anonymous woman, who uses the pseudonym Sarah, found out her lawyer husband had been carrying out a five-year-long affair with a sex worker.

The couple, from the West Midlands, had been married for 30 years. Needless to say the betrayal hit her hard; especially as she had believed their marriage to be a happy one.

Speaking with The Sunday Mercury 50-something Sarah shared her horror at uncovering the extent of the affair:

Why the same person? The fact that it was the same person, that really does bother me. That is the main betrayal.

If he’d screwed a few here and there I could accept it better. It would still be devastating, but I could accept it better.

Devastated Sarah, who has had to undergo an HIV test after her discovery, added:

I know my worth, I know of all the women he could’ve chosen, I was the golden standard.

A good woman is worth more than rubies, the Bible said, because she will keep herself just for him. I have invested so much in our marriage.

Sarah initially questioned her husband back in 2013 after ringing a number on his phone which connected her to a Birmingham massage parlour. In 2015, she unearthed some poppers hidden inside an office drawer.

Matters became crystal clear last year after she spoke with the other woman, who works in the sex industry, over the phone.

The couple still live together and reportedly still get on, even sharing a laugh together. The husband claims he has fallen in love with Sarah again, and says he has left his cheating ways behind.

However, the trust between the pair has reportedly crumbled. Sarah is now charging her husband a starting price of £40 every time he wants to get intimate; just as things had been with his sex worker lover.

Going forward, Sarah is now pushing for brothels to enforce a code of conduct to prevent sex workers monopolising one client. She hopes such a policy would help stop other wives being hurt in a similar way.

Sarah has explained how the notion of such establishments ‘saving marriages’ is just plain wrong:

I want to publicise just how damaging all this is, how hurtful it is to be left to try to make sense of it all.

UNILAD readers: don’t leave someone you care about feeling so let down and bitter. The affair here may have lasted five years but the emotional repercussions are clearly still ongoing.

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