Girl Caught Cheating At Cinema, But That’s Least Of Boyfriend’s Concerns



Getting cheated on by your other half has to be one of the toughest things you have to deal with in life, ever.

Especially when you find out all the gory details from another person, something this guy in our latest story knows all too well.

His mate broke the news gently to him after catching his girlfriend with another lad at the cinema and thought he was just doing him a favour.

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But the fact his relationship was now in tatters wasn’t the worst thing about this, oh no. Things went from bad to a whole lot worse when he dropped an even bigger bombshell.

A quick spoiler alert- if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens already, firstly, sort it out and secondly, don’t read on if you haven’t already seen it. Okay? Deal.

It all starts off a bit weird, but you know something’s up:


His mate just couldn’t hold it in any longer and has to reveal some pretty devastating news.


You’ve got to feel for him, he must be absolutely gutted. But wait, there’s worse news to come.

Well at least he’s not too unfazed about the whole cheating thing now, right?


Does he care about Katie? Of course he bloody doesn’t mate, she’s dead to him. But Han Solo though!? Why!?


You can understand his pain, I mean, I was absolutely devastated after finally finding out that Han gets killed off.

Not cool man, not cool.