Woman Gets Tattoo Of Her Dog That Ends Up Looking Like Genitals

by : Lucy Connolly on : 04 May 2019 14:04
Woman Gets Tattoo Of Her Dog That Ends Up Looking Like GenitalsWoman Gets Tattoo Of Her Dog That Ends Up Looking Like GenitalsPixabay/Caters News

A woman who wanted to get her dog’s face permanently inked on her was left horrified when she saw the end result.

Kayla Robertson, 26, adopted her puppy Penny a year ago and loves her so much she wanted to be able to show off her adorable face wherever she went.


So much so that she got a tattoo of Penny’s face while on holiday in Bali, although soon realised it looked more like male genitals than her beloved pup.

Kayla, a medical receptionist from Perth, decided to get the tattoo done while in Bali, Indonesia for a wedding – but soon regretted her decision.

The 26-year-old said:


I went to Bali for a wedding, and I wanted to get a tattoo while I was there. He did the outline of her face perfectly, so I was feeling good about it.

But then he started doing the eyes and they looked all wrong. I saw that the nose looked weird and a bit crooked, but I couldn’t really tell what is actually looked like at that point because it was upside down on my arm.

Then I noticed he wasn’t adding any shading or doing anything more to it. But I just thought, well he is the artist and he knows best.

After taking a recent picture of 18-month-old Penny, an Australian Shepherd, into the tattoo parlour in Kuta last week and paying one million rupiah (£54) for the artwork, Kayla thought she had put her trust in the right hands.

Woman and dogWoman and dogCaters News

But she soon realised this wasn’t the case; after just 30 minutes, Kayla said she was ‘shocked’ when the tattoo artist said he was finished – despite it only looking ‘half done’.


Kayla explained:

Suddenly he just finished, and it looked half done. I didn’t know what to say, I was in shock. I thought it might just take some time, but after looking at it properly I knew I hated it.

The medical receptionist left the shop without complaint, hoping she would get used to the tattoo. But it wasn’t to be, because as soon as she showed her friends, she realised part of the tattoo looked a lot like a penis.


The 26-year-old said that as soon as she noticed Penny’s nose looked like male genitals, all her friends started pointing it out too.

Woman gets tattoo looks like male genitalsWoman gets tattoo looks like male genitalsCaters News

She said:

Then I realised that Penny’s nose looked like male genitals, and then my friends all started telling me the same thing.

They started laughing about it. I can see the funny side of it now but at the time I was crying and panicking. Poor Penny. It was just awful. I felt like I was in one of those tattoo nightmares shows.


Luckily, Kayla got pointed in the direction of a different tattoo studio after she appealed for help online and has since had her failed tattoo fixed.

After paying another £54, the dog-lover was relieved to find the tattoo ‘actually looked like a dog’ and is really happy with her new tattoo.

Hey, at least she’s got a funny story to tell.

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