Air Hostesses Help Woman Give Birth 42,000 Feet In The Air


You’ve heard of the Mile High Club, but this woman joined an exclusive club of her own after giving birth from 42,000 feet.

A passenger jet landed with an extra person on-board when a woman delivered her baby girl during the flight.

The heavily pregnant woman, Nafi Diaby, suddenly went into labour while flying from Conakry, Guinea, to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.

Cabin crew on-board the Turkish Airlines flight demonstrated cool, calm and collected customer service by successfully delivering the little girl, named Kadiju.

The flight attendants took the opportunity to take photographs with the bouncing newborn baby – and looked shockingly serene despite delivering a child moments before.

Both mother and baby were taken to a hospital when the Boeing 737-900 aircraft landed in the West African nation.

They have been kept under observation and Turkish Airlines officials reported both Nafi and Kadiju are doing well.

The airline recently made news when they agreed to fly aid to drought-ridden Somalia, at the request of Hollywood actor, Ben Stiller.

These guys really do service with a smile. We wish mother and baby all the best after their turbulent first meeting.