Woman Gives Birth To Enormous 11 Pound Baby And No One Can Believe It


A mother gave birth, completely naturally, to her son weighing a hefty 11 pounds in her home.

Mum Natalie, from Washington, was photographed as she delivered her 11lbs 2oz baby boy with ‘no interventions’ in a water birth at her home.

The average weight for a baby is about 7.5 pounds, and you can see the pride in Natalie’s face that she managed to give birth to her baby completely naturally.

Laura Fifield Photography

Photographer Laura Fifield said:

Can you believe all his back rolls?! Isn’t he just the cutest. Once he was out we could tell he was a little chunker! Natalie and her husband were immediately in love with their new son.

After time spent doing skin to skin and nursing it was time to weigh him. Imagine the surprise when her midwife announced “He’s 11lbs, 2oz Natalie!”. Oh my goodness, we were all shocked!

Not sure how she managed to push him out with no painkillers.

I guess that’s how it’s done in the wild.