Woman Glues Toy Horse To Phone Cover, Now It Photobombs All Her Pics

by : Lucy Connolly on : 02 Dec 2019 15:48
woman glues horse on phone, photobombs pictures 1Kai Tipton/Facebook

At one point, photobombs were all the rage; Hollywood A-listers made themselves centre-stage in ordinary folks’ selfies, pets ruined family photos, and people were doing everything they could to ensure their mates couldn’t ever snap a nice picture.

Fast forward to the present day and it’s time for horses to become the centre of attention and photobomb to their heart’s content. At least, it’s time for one particular horse to do so, anyway.


The horse in question is a plastic miniature toy horse that was glued onto a woman’s phone cover in the hope that it would provide a nice decoration. Which it did, but not without consequences.

horse on phone photobombs picturesKai Tipton/Facebook

Those consequences being that the tiny brown horse now photobombs every single photo the woman takes, making sure it’s front and centre regardless of the type of picture she takes.

Kai Tipton, who lives in Duvall, Washington, took to Facebook to share the hilariously photobombed pictures, admitting she made a mistake while gluing the horse on as she didn’t realise it would cover some of her camera lens.


She wrote:

I’m fucking crying, I glued this stupid fucking horse to my phone case, but I didn’t realize that I aligned it right below my camera’s lense [sic], so now every single fucking picture taken with the case on, is photo-bombed by this dumb ass fucking toy equine.

I'm fucking crying, I glued this stupid fucking horse to my phone case, but I didn't realize that I aligned it right…

Posted by Kai Tipton on Friday, November 29, 2019

Incredible. The pictures successfully photobombed by the horse included a lovely scenic picture of a field and a colourfully decorated garden that gives us all of the Christmassy feels. Well, at least it would have done if the horse’s big head wasn’t in the way.


The Facebook post quickly went viral, attracting more than 120k likes and 183k shares, with thousands more commenting to say how hilarious they found the entire thing.

While one person said they were ‘gonna be sick laughing’, another wrote: ‘just wheezed in the office where I’ve worked for only a week….’ One person suggested turning the horse’s head around so that it’s looking forward, making it ‘look like you’re riding [the horse] everywhere’.

Another person branded the entire thing as ‘idiotic’, writing: ‘why on earth would he [sic] glue that horse to d [sic] case in the first place’. Which, y’know, is a tad harsh seeing as though pop sockets are extremely common these days.

horse photobombs photosKai Tipton/Facebook

Maybe next time Kai will stick to a slightly smaller horse so she doesn’t encounter the same problem again.

Or maybe she’ll buy an even bigger one just to give us a laugh, who knows?

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Kai Tipton/Facebook
  1. Kai Tipton/Facebook