Woman Has The Best Response To Man Who Told Her She’d Be ‘Perfect If She Lost Weight’

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Woman Has The Best Response To Man Who Told Her She'd Be 'Perfect If She Lost Weight'@katielacie/TikTok

A TikTok user has been praised for the witty response she had to a man who told her she’d be ‘perfect’ if she lost ‘like seven pounds’. 

Conversations on dating apps are awkward at the best of times, but when one person starts throwing out insults it’s pretty safe to say that any butterflies that might have been fluttering around will quickly be squashed.


In spite of this, some hopeful singletons opt to use backhanded compliments, or in this case what was described as ‘constructive criticism’, to try and win the heart of their match. TikToker Katie Lacie made clear that this method, unsurprisingly, does not work.

Hear about her unfortunate experience below:


Katie, who works as a therapist, regularly uses TikTok to share details and insights into her world of online dating, with this particular video detailing a conversation she had with an unnamed guy who told her she would be ‘perfect if [she] lost like seven pounds’, before rounding off the bizarre comment with the compliment, ‘you’re really pretty’.


It’s unclear whether there was a conversation that led to the person commenting on Katie’s weight, or whether he felt it appropriate to open the chat that way, but either way, the therapist was left baffled.

After Katie questioned what he meant, the man apologised and explained that he was a personal trainer, to which Katie hit back with the witty remark, ‘Oh okay, phew! I was offended until I knew you had the credentials to body shame me.’

TikToker Katie Lacie (@katielacie/TikTok)@katielacie/TikTok

When her sarcastic assurance that the man was just giving her ‘constructive criticism’ was proven to have gone straight over the personal trainer’s head, Katie decided to get straight to the point by telling the man he would be ‘perfect if [he] were a different person’.


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She assured him not to worry as she was a therapist, therefore she ‘had the credentials to recognise poor character’.

Despite the fact Katie had played her match at his own game, the man made clear that he wouldn’t accept her comments as he responded to say that was ‘no way to talk to a man’, prompting Katie to explain that she’d only seen him as a ‘boy’ after his poor conversation.

Guy tells TikToker she'd be perfect if she lost weight (@katielacie/TikTok)@katielacie/TikTok

As if only to prove her point further, the man replied, with a winky face, ‘I know a way you can make it up to me and also lose the weight.’ Needless to say, that quickly resulted in the end of the exchange.


Katie has been praised for the way she handled the situation, with TikTok users expressing their amusement at her smart responses.

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