Woman Hasn’t Shaved Any Body Hair In A Year And Her Husband Loves It

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2018 13:41

A woman has revealed how she finally stopped shaving her body hair in defiance of societal expectations on women to stay hairless.


28-year-old Sonia Cytrowska, from Poland, had been shaving since she was 12 and has said the airbrushed images in magazines and adverts left her feeling insecure.

However just last year, Sonia decided to ditch the hairless beauty regime and she hasn’t looked back.

She’s hoping images of her body will inspire people to fight against unrealistic beauty standards, writing on her blog:


Body hair movement is women who have not shaved their body in a joint project with me. The same women thought it would be easy, but they got scared of the partner’s reaction.

They have realised that they are dependent on the opinions of others and are afraid of loneliness and rejection.

Have they abandoned their resolve to accept their natural body to keep in touch with people who love them for being… unproblematic?

Sonia has even shared her body hair from her back, writing:

Now I want to show you my last body part with hair. It’s my back. I know that a lot of women has it and they feel less feminine.

You don’t have to. It’s NORMAL. Maybe media doesn’t show it, but it is still normal.

In her blog, she says she feels as though she’s leading a kind of double life: her personal life in which her friends don’t know she’s not shaving and her ‘official’ life, in which she’s sharing her message.

Even her husband struggled with the change initially, but she now claims he’s grown to love the change for her:

My husband, who ‘did not like me like that’, yet he did not try to divorce me, and he decided to change his standards of beauty for me and treat these changes as challenges and not an attempt on his aesthetics.


Sonia has an Instagram account with almost 7,500 followers, in which she documents her journey to fully accepting her hairless body, while preparing for the summer when she’ll also reveal the change to many of her friends.

She writes on her Instagram:

I really wanted to go to the bathroom and shave everything. For a moment I felt like a hairy monster who don’t feet to the world, not like a “modern woman I should be”. I gave myself 5 more minutes to think again what I WANT TO DO, not should.

I realised that I like my hairy armpit, my full hairy eyebrows, my soft hairy pubes, even my hairy belly and back. I accept them and I am not ashamed of them. So should I leave all of them and shave only legs?? I was confused.

I asked my husband what he thinks about it and he gave me an advice: “Put on black tights, you have some time until it will be summer. You don’t have to decide now.” So here I am undercover, drinking the best coffee in all city & searching for a good reason in my head not to shave after winter. [sic]

Sonia’s message is a powerful one of body positivity, fighting hard not to be too influenced by external pressures of people telling you how you should or shouldn’t be.

It’s important to be different, it’s important to choose who you are and it’s important to make those choices yourself.

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