Woman Hires Model To Test Boyfriend’s Loyalty And It Couldn’t Have Ended Worse

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Mar 2018 19:28
To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

Sometimes you just know your partner is being dishonest with you; and it can very quickly turn you into Sherlock Holmes.


Every time they grab at their beeping phone like their life depends on it, every time they head out to the gym – without their trainers. It’s all going down in your internal detective’s notebook.

However, would you ever go as far as to hire an attractive actress to see how easily they are led astray before having the whole sorry incident filmed for a web series? One woman did just that, and things -perhaps unsurprisingly – did not end well for anyone.

You can watch the furious scene unfold below:

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Of course, by the time you are dangling a woman in front of your boyfriend like he is a particularly greedy koi carp, things aren’t looking all that rosy in your relationship.

However, this girlfriend initially had some faith in her sweetheart, gushing:

We’ve been dating for almost a year now, and he’s honestly the best; like he opens the right doors, he gets my favourite foods, when it’s that time of the month he always has my snickers bar waiting for me at the bed.

I just think he’s a really good boyfriend, and [..] he’s amazing.

However, things were about to nosedive to splitsville at breaking speed…

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

Enter Jaymi Westra. An actress clad in a cleavage revealing jumpsuit who was about to put this unnamed boyfriend’s loyalty to the test – an experiment which was all being filmed for the girlfriend’s viewing pleasure.

Plonking herself down on the bench beside the unnamed love rat, Jaymi bemoaned the fictional Tinder date who had stood her up.

The pair begin chatting flirtatiously, and Jaymi compliments him on his resemblance to RnB singer Ray Jay. A resemblance the seriously hacked off girlfriend vehemently denies.


Alarm bells start to go off when they exchange numbers, with the boyfriend joking suggestively, ‘maybe i was your date.’ However, things were about to get much worse….

To Catch a Cheater/Youtube

Beguiling Jaymi begins to quiz the boyfriend about his love life, asking coquettishly:

You seem like someone popular. A guy like you must have a girlfriend, huh?

The boyfriend’s answer was the ultimate slap in the face for the girlfriend who had been secretly spying on him.

Shaking his head wearily to imply the contrary, he said:

Honestly man, it’s hard. It’s hard.

The would-be Casanova then escorts fair lady to her car; hugging her before she drives off into the sunset. The look of hellfire on the girlfriend’s face could have set the building alight.

To Catch a Cheater/Youtube

After a series of flirty texts – which apparently included the notorious eggplant emoji – Jaymi and the wayward boyfriend arranged a romantic dinner out at a pizza restaurant.

Here, he complimented her on her smile, while she fluttered her eyelashes prettily. However, the livid girlfriend was close by, and she was not there to look at the specials menu.


Approaching the table, the boyfriend attempted to introduce the two women but the girlfriend responded by throwing a glass of water in his face.

Hell truly hath no fury like a girlfriend scorned…

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To Catch a Cheater/Youtube
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