Woman Horrified After Man Brings Late Mother’s Ashes To Their First Date

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 09 Aug 2021 13:51
Woman Horrified After Man Brings Late Mother’s Ashes To Their First DatePexels/PA

After matching on Tinder, a woman was left horrified after the guy she went on a date with brought his late mother’s ashes along with him. 

The woman, who has shared her story anonymously, invited her Tinder match to a barbecue at her house – but the ashes aren’t the only reason she regrets not swiping swiftly left.


The date started out with the man arriving to the barbeque late, admitting to the woman that he drove around the house several times, nearly deciding to just go home.

The woman then went on to say how the man only spoke about himself, talking non-stop about all of his family drama.

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If that wasn’t bad enough, the man also brought his own food for the barbeque, except he wasn’t willing to share it with anyone.


What he was willing to share however, was a look at his mother’s ashes, which he had brought along in a vial.

The woman told Reddit that as they sat down, the man pulled the vial from his pocket. He noticed her staring at it, as she was ‘flipping between if he was about to snort something strange or build some sand-art’.

She then went on to detail how he told her: ‘Oh, all super casual. I’d like to introduce you to my mother’.

The woman said she didn’t know what to do, whether to ‘laugh or cry or run’.

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The man went on to explain that this was not the first time his mother had joined him on a special occasion, and that he brings the vial of her ashes to ‘any important event’.

Not only were there ashes in the vial, but the man also had his late mother in his necklace and ring and a half-sleeve tattoo dedicated to her.

The woman said:


Now, mind you, I’ve lost too many people close to me, and I do not judge people based on their grief cycles, we all cope differently and I respect that.

But homeboy brought a vial of his mother’s ashes and set them on the table for our first date. I simply could not.

She went on to say how once her date had finished his burger, she made an excuse that she had to finish some work.

Alas, despite her attempt to put him off, the man texted her before he had even got into his car to leave. The text read: ‘My mother really liked you, I can’t wait to see you again.’

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If the irony of bringing ashes to a barbeque wasn’t enough for you, then listen to the burn of a reply the woman gave her date. She replied to the text saying she did not feel the same connection, ‘to him, or his mother’.

Reddit users took to the comments to express their bafflement at the bizarre series of events. One said: ‘God almighty. I can not fathom the social ineptitude where one would bring just two pieces of bacon to a cookout; and not even sharing them!’

Another commented: 

Wowza. Yeah, I understand people kind of word-vomiting when nervous but that’s unreal. I thought he invited an alive mother to tag along on the date, so I guess it could have been worse?

A third said: ‘Look you can either marry this guy or move because this dude knows where you live.’

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