Woman Horrified After Poo Explosion Covers Home In Human Faeces

by : Cameron Frew on : 08 Jan 2022 11:05
Woman Horrified After Poo Explosion Covers Home In Human FaecesSWNS

An Essex woman was left pinching her nose when poo, urine and other sewage exploded from her toilet, flooding her new home. 

Mikayla Collins, 33, moved into the house back in December 2020. However, within 10 months she started to discover a number of problems. Now, she’s had to flee her home and move into a hotel over health fears as disgusting wastewater drowned the property.


In retch-worthy footage and photos, human faeces can be seen overflowing the brim of the toilet, with her bathtub filled with a murky brown liquid made up of poo and other sewage. You can also see towels across the floor in a noble, yet futile attempt to soak up the excrement, and wet toilet roll blanketing her floor.


Mikayla, from Chelmsford, Essex, wrote on Facebook: ‘What you can see is toilet water, washing machine water.. and all kinds of drainage from my upstairs neighbour (not their fault) as well as the contents of what’s been flushed down the toilet. Yes, that is human sh*t you can see!’

With her home becoming a cesspit, it’s no wonder she’s so angry. ‘There could be any number of diseases in the air inside and around my flat and it is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE!!! I’m shouting about this online now because IT’S TIME SOMEBODY BECAME ACCOUNTABLE AND F*CKING DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!’ she added.

Mikayla Collins had to flee her home. (SWNS)SWNS

The owner of the property, Sanctuary Housing, has ‘sincerely apologised’ for any inconvenience caused and has arranged a deep clean so Mikayla can eventually return home.

The faecal explosion has yet to be fully explained, nor is it clear how long the cleaning process will take to get poo out of all the nooks and crannies – man, can you imagine the smell?

You know what they say: sh*t happens.


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