Woman Invites Pizza Delivery Guy Into House, Husband Shows Up And Kicks Off


This poor pizza guy got owned when a woman played a brutal prank on him when he was just trying to innocently deliver pizza…

In the video posted on YouTube, the woman puts on a tight dress so that she can seduce the unsuspecting pizza man.

He rocks up and she invites him to come and sit down next to her and munch on the pizza he’s just brought round.


Clearly thinking he was well in there, he sits down and starts chatting with her. But, bang on cue, the husband (who is in on it) drops in and unleashes mock-outrage at the bizarre situation.

The video has been a big hit with viewers, gaining 178,000 views in just a couple of days.

Here’s the cringe-worthy prank in action:

One user wrote:I bet you frightened the life out of him. Poor dude! Haha!” Another added: “He just took the money and ran. Hilarious.” And a third commented:LOL. So mean!”


You probably wouldn’t expect any of this to happen if you were just popping out to deliver a pizza…

Poor guy…