Woman Jailed After Sawing Her Hand Off For $1 Million Insurance Claim

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 12 Sep 2020 14:42
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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’, but one woman took it to new extremes.

Julija Adlesic, 22, from Slovenia, stood to get €1 million (£925,000/$1,184,750) in compensation following losing her hand in a supposed injury, but has instead been jailed for two years. The 22-year-old had plotted the ordeal with her boyfriend Sebastien Abramov in a bid to get the large cash payout.

Adlesic severed her own hand at the wrist early last year reportedly while ‘sawing branches’ at her home in Ljubljana. The young woman and her boyfriend then went to hospital, leaving her severed hand behind.


The pair had wanted the injury to be permanent – which would have led to a bigger payout – but police recovered the hand which was later reattached to Adlesic’s arm. According to Sky News, Abramov had searched online for how artificial hands work days before the accident occurred, giving prosecutors additional proof it had been done deliberately.

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If that wasn’t enough to prove the pair guilty, Adlesic had signed five different insurance deals a year before the accident happened. If the insurance claims would have gone through, the 22-year-old would have received around half of the lump sum straight away.

During the court hearing yesterday, September 11, Adlesic claimed she was innocent. She said, ‘No one wants to be crippled. My youth has been destroyed. I lost my hand at the age of 20. Only I know how it happened.’


Adlesic attended the court hearings in flashy outfits, with the defence claiming that a young woman wanting to look attractive was not capable of causing such harm to her body on purpose.

Despite her efforts, Adelsic was convicted of insurance fraud and sentenced to two years in prison. Abramov, who was also found guilty of insurance fraud, was sentenced to three years.

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As well as the couple being sentenced, Abramov’s father Gorazd Colarič was found to be in on their scheme along with his wife. It’s thought the pair were given a one year suspended sentence on a two-year probation.


According to Total News Slovenia, Abroamov is also being tried as the suspected murderer of Sara Veber, who was his girlfriend at the time of her death in 2015 – he claims her death was caused by a ‘shooting accident’. Abroamov had been in custody throughout the insurance fraud trial while Adelsic was put on house arrest back in May.

Following their sentencing Judge Marjeta Dvornik said, ‘We believe the sentences are fair and appropriate, and will serve their purpose.’

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