Woman Joins Satanic Temple To Get Religious Exemption For School’s Piercing Policy

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 06 Sep 2021 18:51
Woman Joins Satanic Temple To Get Religious Exemption For School's Piercing PolicySiora Photography/Unsplash/The Satanic Temple

A student got suspended from school for getting her nose pierced, but then came up with a unique way of trying to get herself out of trouble.

Lily, who goes by @l1lyall3n on TikTok, explained to her followers that her school told her she could only keep her nose piercing in for religious reasons, so decided to join a religion that encourages piercings.


If you were wondering which religions fit under this umbrella, apparently it applies to members of Satanic temples, so Lily decided to sign up online to one in a bid to keep her nose piercing in.

Using a comical stitch of audio from Louie Spence, Lily mimes the dancer’s words as he says, ‘What they gonna do? I’ve done it now. It’s too bleedin’ late. What they gonna do? Shoot me?’


Lily shared the rebellious video on Friday, September 3, and it’s since generated almost 94,000 likes and 1,500 comments.

One person wrote, ‘Modern problems require modern solutions,’ while another person said, ‘Would love to do this but I think I’d get kicked out of my Catholic school.’

Meanwhile, another asked Lily for an update on her school’s response, which she promised to give on Wednesday, September 8, when she goes back in.

Another pro-piercing person then stitched Lily’s video, explaining that a student once took their school to court over having a piercing after they too joined a Satanic temple and cited religious reasons for it.


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Piercer @lynnloheide said in the video:

For everyone who follows me and likes body piercing things and was not around in the early 2000s, in like 2007 or 2008, because this is a continuing problem, something called the Church of Body Modification was started.

It is a recognized religious institution, it is an actual church. Its tenets are practicing body modification as a way to strengthen the body, spirit and soul, and people who are members have a religious right to their piercings and tattoos.


‘A student was actually a member of the church of body modification, who got suspended from school for having a piercing. The ACLU took that to court and the court ruled in her favour,’ she continued.

Well, I guess that’s one way to let your school keep your piercing.

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