Woman Leaves Note In Date’s Flat After She Suspects He’s Cheating On His Girlfriend

by : Emily Brown on : 27 Mar 2021 15:04
Woman Leaves Note In Date's Flat After She Suspects He's Cheating On Girlfriend@mollycsharpe/TikTok

A TikTok user has been described as a ‘genius’ for leaving a secret note in the bathroom of the guy she went home with after she came across some ‘female products’.

Molly Sharpe has racked up more than one million views on TikTok after she posted the video, in which she explained that she ‘picked up a guy at a bar’ and that she’d seen him out ‘three or four times’.


After going home with the man, who appeared to be named Josh, she did some ‘low-key snooping’ in his bathroom and came across what she felt were ‘female products’, including hairbands and a cosmetics bag filled with makeup.

Check out what happened below:


Molly explained that she knew Josh’s roommate was single, and she had been under the impression that he was too, but after coming across the items she wasn’t so sure.

In an effort to warn the suspected female owner of the products, who she thought might be Josh’s girlfriend, Molly left a little note inside the cosmetics bag that read: ‘If you’re dating/seeing Josh, he’s cheating!’

In her TikTok caption, Molly said she was ‘just trying to look out for the girls’, and viewers praised her for the sneaky way she had attempted to warn the suspected girlfriend, with one writing, ‘THIS IS GIRL CODE YALL.’

Another commented, ‘Genius leaving that note.’

Woman leaves note in man's bathroom@mollycsharpe/TikTok

In an update posted a couple of days later, Molly responded to the commenters to say that she had confronted Josh about the products and that he got ‘upset/defensive’ when she brought it up.

She added, ‘[He] says he’s single but won’t explain products, idk if its a gf but still sus so haven’t seen him since.’

While viewers are desperate to know whether Molly’s note had the desired effect, unfortunately Josh is unlikely to update her on the situation. Unless the owner of the products comes forward on TikTok, this is one story that we may have to leave unresolved.


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Molly Sharpe/TikTok
  1. Molly Sharpe/TikTok