Woman Left Terrified By What Her Boyfriend Said To Her In His Sleep

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Nov 2018 17:03
Woman freaked out by boyfriend talking in sleep.Woman freaked out by boyfriend talking in sleep.Deposit Photos (Picture Posed By Model)

A sleep talking boyfriend – or girlfriend – can be creepy. Even though we know the sleeper is just spouting junk from some weird corner of their mind, they can sometimes sound like a completely different person entirely.


Lying in the dark, with the sleeping person whispering nonsense beside you, it can feel as though you are at the beginning of a regulation haunted house movie.

And one woman’s decidedly odd experience with her sleep talking boyfriend has sent shivers down the collective spine of the internet…

Taking to Tumblr, the disturbed girlfriend revealed how she had been more than a little surprised when her half-asleep Aussie boyfriend began talking away with an American accent:


My boyfriend just woke up, mostly still asleep and told me ‘don’t worry, it’s getting better’ in a heavy, American accent, which is unusual for an Australian man.

However, things only got stranger from there, with the uneasy girlfriend continuing:

‘Why are you American?’ I asked, to which I got:

‘Sorry, it’s getting better’ in a stereotypical posh English accent.

Then things got really eerie:

‘Why are you English?’ I asked, amused.

‘What is he normally?’ He managed to ask.

‘He? You’re not anyone else, you’re you’.

‘Ugh, me’ was the last thing he said, in a right proper Aussie accent before he fell back into proper sleep.

A freaky story no doubt, but this woman is certainly not alone. People all over the world are able to relate to having a sleep talking boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse, or indeed being the sleep-talker themselves.


Indeed, one Reddit thread revealed just how scary and bizarre these dream chats can get.

One person confessed:

My boyfriend talks in his sleep with his eyes open a lot. This one night I was having trouble sleeping and heard some kind of a noise that freaked me out, so I cuddled in closer to him.

He turned over, looked me dead in the face and said, ‘I can’t protect you. When they come they’re just going to kill me.’

I immediately moved away from him. Next thing I know he latches onto me from behind and just starts laughing. I was certain I was about to die.

Another shuddering person recalled:

Girlfriend was laughing in her sleep. When I asked ‘what was so funny’ she sat bolt upright, pointed to the darkest corner of the room and in a low tone muttered ‘THEM!’. I slept on the couch that night.

One particularly gory account came from a horrified boyfriend who saw quite a different side to his beloved one dark night:

Ok, I was still awake and reading, my then girlfriend had been asleep for an hour or so. With one movement she turns to me and says grinning:

‘I’m wondering what it looks like in my mothers head. Blood and gore all over the place’. Then she grinned, turned over and muttered ‘…torn off limbs’. Followed by soft snoring.

She couldn’t remember any of it, and I was creeped the f*ck out. That was…that was something.



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