Woman Left With Dumb And Dumber Fringe After Boyfriend Cuts Hair With Razor

by : Cameron Frew on : 10 Dec 2019 15:27
Woman Left With Dumb And Dumber Fringe After Boyfriend Cuts Hair With RazorWoman Left With Dumb And Dumber Fringe After Boyfriend Cuts Hair With RazorCaters News/New Line Cinema

Of all the movie characters’ haircuts to emulate, Dumb and Dumber’s Lloyd Christmas, with his disastrous bangs, must be low on the list. 


After moving to a new area, a young woman wasn’t sure where to go to get her hair done.

However, in a misguided moment of madness, this poor woman unwittingly transformed into Jim Carrey after letting her boyfriend cut her hair – with an electric razor.

Amyleigh Weaver Dumb and Dumber Haircut 4Amyleigh Weaver Dumb and Dumber Haircut 4Caters News

As someone with a residual fear of bad haircuts, letting someone loose on your hair that isn’t a trained professional (at the very least, a hairdresser in training) seems completely mental.


Alas, Amyleigh Weaver, a make-up artist from Halifax, trusted her boyfriend to do a good job, especially since he seemed ‘very confident’ in his ability to do it.

The 21-year-old let her partner, Francis Plaka, 20, cut her hair with a razor – when he finished, he simply put it down and said: ‘Sorry.’

Amyleigh Weaver Dumb and Dumber Haircut 3Amyleigh Weaver Dumb and Dumber Haircut 3Caters News

Amyleigh said:

I’ve just moved to the area so I didn’t know where I should get my hair done. But my hair was getting long so I knew something had to be done.

I only wanted my fringe done, so I decided that my boyfriend should cut my fringe until I could go to a proper hairdresser. This was the first time he ever cut my hair. He seemed very confident in doing so and I trusted him.

He got the electric razor and then started to cut away. I told him what to do and I let him get on with it. After he was done, he just looked at me and said ‘sorry’. I ran to the bathroom mirror where I realised everything had gone wrong. I went mental when I realised it was my fringe.

While she vows to never let Francis touch her hair again, Amyleigh has now calmed down and has decided to laugh it off. ‘I gave myself a good laugh though, it is hard not to see the funny side of it,’ she said.

Amyleigh Weaver Dumb and Dumber HaircutAmyleigh Weaver Dumb and Dumber HaircutCaters News

Amyleigh added: 


My boyfriend felt really guilty about it. I regret letting him do it, but at the end of the day it is just hair and it will grow out. I would not recommend any other girls let their boyfriend cut their hair, as it will probably all go wrong unless he is a hairdresser.

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