Woman Live Streams Blind Dates With Guys Picked By Her Friends

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 Apr 2020 17:11
Urszula Makowska Blind Dates On InstagramJam Press

A New York influencer is live-streaming her blind dates on Instagram, with the hopeful suitors selected by her friends. 

Urszula Makowska, from Brooklyn, is experiencing stay-at-home life like the rest of us. For many in relationships, romance has slowed down as couples apart eagerly await the end of the outbreak.


However, for single folks, lockdown has allowed for innovation. FaceTime and Skype dates are more popular than ever, but Urszula has added a new twist: her friends select the guys, and her followers decide the fate of a second date.

Check out clips from Urszula’s dates below: 


The idea for the ‘social experiment’ came as a result of a brainwave during isolation. Urszula asked her friends to swipe for matches on her behalf through the dating app Hinge. Upon a match being made, her pals then set up a virtual date for the couple. However, unlike the intimacy of some dates, these ones are broadcast to her 230,000 followers (@urszulala).


The 25-year-old blogger and actor knows absolutely nothing about the guy beforehand – no name, interests, age or hint at what he looks like.

Urszula Makowska Blind DateJam Press

Urszula said:

Most of us are quarantined in and swiping on our dating apps. Being the only single one out of my squad, my girls and I decided to create a fun social dating experiment using my Hinge account.

The experiment starts off with my friends swiping on my account to match me with who they think might be the one for me and setting us both up with permission to meet for a first date on my Instagram Live. I don’t know my date’s name, what he looks like or really anything about him until our first date in front of a live audience on my Instagram.


The dates – which take place every Sunday – last just one hour, before her followers vote on whether the pair should take things forward to a second date. So far, she’s been loving the experience.

Urszula Makowska Blind Dates On InstagramJam Press

Urszula added: 

There are twists during the live and ultimately the audience decides if there will be a second date. This is not only entertaining but a great way for me to meet someone that may end up being my partner, learn more about myself, help others learn more about themselves and also promote the importance of staying home at this time due to the circumstances.


There’s even a further layer. In addition to her keen followers, Urszula invites relationship experts onto the stream to analyse their ‘psychological compatibility’ and ‘common interests and differences’, including her friend Karolina Kolowska.

Urszula Makowska Blind Dates On InstagramJam Press

Karolina explained:

As a dating coach, I look at the psychological compatibility – if the person is extroverted or introverted, seems to be loud or quiet, emotionally available, mentally healthy and focused, outdoorsy or a homebody type.

I look at their common interests and differences. I check their professional and evaluate their social media profiles to determine whether their life’s mission would be considered interesting/attractive by Urszula.

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