Woman Living In Isolated Town Shares Her Dangerous Two-Day Trip To Get Food

by : Shola Lee on : 15 Nov 2021 13:50

If you thought the walk to your local shop was long, think again, as this TikToker travels a staggering two days to get food. 

Sinead Meader (@sineadmeader), a nutrition coach living in remote Yukon, Canada, has to make a dangerous journey to get her grocery shopping.


Yukon is a territory in North West Canada with breathtaking views, a sparse population, and barely any supermarkets, meaning Meader goes to town every six to eight weeks, with the nearest supermarket being 544km from her home.


According to the TikToker, the drive is five hours one way, with no phone service. Makes going to the big Tesco seem pretty insignificant, right?

Talking about the long journey, Meader noted ‘it can be tiring but the view sure is beautiful’.


Due to possible ‘whiteout conditions’, Meader explains why she ‘normally stays overnight’ when making the journey in the winter.


Speaking of the journey, she remarks:

Visibility is limited even in clear conditions. Animals can run into the road, or you can break down and you may not see a car, and you have no cell service.


The final instalment in the video series shows Meader’s ‘isolated living grocery hall’. Spoiler alert: it costs way more than your weekly shop.

She begins the video by sharing that ‘all of this food cost me about $550, Canadian’ and that she ‘didn’t really need to get a lot this time’ but can on some trips can spend ‘$1000 on groceries alone’.

Sinead Meader (@sineadmeader/Instagram)@sineadmeader/Instagram

The content creator goes on to explain how she plans her purchases:


Most of what we get is shelf stable, like canned food or frozen food, because fresh food just won’t last that long so we don’t get a lot of fresh vegetables or fresh fruit and when we do we have to either use it really quick, or prep it to be frozen.

So, now you’re probably thinking: what about emergencies? And by emergencies I mean a late-night snack run.

Don’t worry. While the nearest supermarket is a long, dangerous drive away, Meader reassured viewers ‘there’s a small convenience store here in town which is also our gas station’ adding, ‘you’re not gonna starve but you will pay a premium’.

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