Woman Makes Surprising Discovery After Expecting Her Grandma To Be Dead

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Woman Makes Surprising Discovery After Expecting Her Grandma To Be Dead@isaisajoke/TikTok

Social media users were led on a rollercoaster of emotions as a TikToker detailed what happened when she went to check if her grandmother was okay. 

TikToker Isa launched into a ‘story time’ for viewers on her account last week, with her bizarre series of events kicking off a few days earlier when she received a call from her dad asking her to check on her grandma, who lived 15 minutes away.


It emerged the family hadn’t heard from the elderly woman in a few days, and alarm bells set off when they learned one of her best friends had been trying to get in touch with her, but that her phone was turned off.

TikToker tells story of her grandma (@isaisajoke/TikTok)@isaisajoke/TikTok

Isa immediately went to check on her grandma, admitting she was ‘expecting the worst’ and that the drive to her house was the ‘longest drive of [her] life’. The TikToker speculated her grandmother may have fallen down the stairs, been harmed by an intruder or got stuck in the bathtub, so she kept her phone ready to call 911 when she arrived.

Hear Isa’s story below:



Isa recalled quickly knocking and entering the home, shouting for her grandma, only to be met with the surprising sound of the elderly woman saying: ‘F*ck.’ The grandmother then rounded the corner with her walker and ushered Isa outside, but not before the TikToker was hit with a ‘huge wave of marijuana smoke’.


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Having been caught red-handed with the substance, Isa’s grandmother said she was going to ‘kill’ the friend who’d expressed their concern about her. Isa, meanwhile, could only smile at having discovered her ‘sweet’ grandmother had unplugged her phone to get high after she expected her to be ‘on the ground, on her last breaths of life’.

Though undeniably unexpected, the outcome was definitely preferable to what Isa had initially feared!


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