Woman Miraculously Survives After Head Run Over By Lorry

Woman's head run overAsiaWire

A woman miraculously survived after her head was run over by a concrete mixer in a terrifying motorbike accident. 

Stomach-churning CCTV footage shows the horrific moment a man opened his car door into a woman riding her motorbike, causing her to loose her balance.

The woman, whose surname is Zhu, fell from her bike and was thrown towards the concrete mixer, which spun her round as it passed her.

Sickeningly, the motorcyclist’s head was rolled over by one of the truck’s massive wheels.

Watch the video here:

The driver of the SUV, who’s only known by his surname – Jin – hit Zhu when he was getting out of his car in the city of Jinhua, in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

The motorcyclist’s head could be seen caught underneath one wheel of the concrete mixer before she was flung back out onto the street. Thankfully, it looked like Zhu avoided being hit by the second tyre.

The mother lay motionless on the road, and the cement mixer came to a halt.

Jin, who caused Zhu to fall from her bike, could be seen standing beside the woman on the road, but not seemingly doing anything which would actually help.

Woman's head run overAsiaWire

Similarly, the rest of the cars and people at the scene just hovered around, as if the horrific incident was just something getting in the way of their journey. One car even slid past the concrete mixer to carry on with their route.

Despite the apparent lack of assistance, Zhu incredibly came away from the accident with only a mild concussion and some cuts on her head – which is an amazing result, considering what happened.

The woman’s life was no doubt saved by her motorbike helmet, which took the weight of the cement mixer and exploded from the impact.

The driver of the cement mixer, Jiang, expressed his terror at the situation.

He said:

The sight horrified me. I just slammed on the brakes.

The driver is said to have got out of his lorry to go to Zhu’s aid. He found the injured woman bleeding from the head, with her motorcycle helmet in pieces.

Zhu amazed the driver by managing to speak, asking for the surrounding people to help and to contact her family.

The motorcyclist was taken to Wenrong Hospital for treatment, where doctors confirmed she’d not suffered any injuries to her brain.

The mother is still recovering in hospital, and police are investigating the situation. They arrived at the scene, where blood and pieces of crushed motorbike helmet, alongside Zhu’s abandoned motorbike, were tell-tale signs of what had happened.

Zhu’s lucky escape should be a warning to other motorcyclists.

She said:

Luckily, I had my helmet on, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

Dress for the slide, not the ride.

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