Woman Mistakenly Names Son After Famous Pig And Refuses To Change It

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Woman Mistakenly Names Son After Famous Pig And Refuses To Change ItPA Images/Paramount

A pair of sisters have got into a heated disagreement after one of them unwittingly decided to name her son after a famous literary character.

In a post on the viral subreddit Am I The A**hole, in which people ask the internet whether they were in the wrong or totally justified in various scenarios, one of the sister’s posted to explain that she was about to become an aunt to a pair of twin boys.


But the initial excitement soon turned into a heated debate, after the mum-to-be revealed her plans for her new children’s names.

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‘For baby#1 she is going to name him Oliver Lee. That’s a decent name right?’ the woman wrote on the thread, before unveiling that ‘baby#2 is going to be named… Wilbur Felix. Like the pig off of Charlotte’s Web‘.

According to the woman, she was unable to hide her concerns over the swine-inspired name, and tried to suggest to her sister that she consider using Wilbur as a middle name, rather than his first name.


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‘I don’t think it’s a good name, or at least not a good first name. I think he will be bullied in school especially if he’s a little chubby,’ she said.

Unfortunately, her sister didn’t agree with her concerns, telling her she was ‘being a jerk’ and arguing that most children would have no idea what Charlotte’s Web even was.

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In the comments of the post, opinions were divided over whether the woman was right to raise her concerns over the name. ‘For her, I don’t blame her for being upset. For you, well, she did ask you. I think it’s good to think at least a little bit about potential bullying,’ one person said in a measured response, while another wrote, ‘Wilbur is such a common name? And your sister is right, kids won’t know.’


After receiving more than 100 comments on her post, the woman appears to have had a change of heart, writing in a follow up post that she was going to apologise to her sister later in the day.

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