Woman On First Dates Makes Most Awkward Mistake Mid-Date

Channel 4

Channel 4’s popular show First Dates is full of funny moments and last night a woman made one of the most hilarious and awkward mistakes that the show has seen.

It was all going so well for Milo, 24, from London, and Angelica, 26, also from London, as they bonded over their shared love for dogs.

However, events took a turn when Angelica, a volunteer at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, decided to start criticising Milo firstly calling his dog running business a ‘doss.’

Channel 4

Angelica then said that Milo’s choice of wine, a Merlot, was ‘bland and shit’ and added ‘I don’t think your job pays you enough money.’

You may think that things surely couldn’t get any worse but they certainly did!

Angelica then made what is perhaps the worst mistake someone could ever make on a date – she forgot her date’s name!

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She admitted:

Can I tell you something… I’ve forgotten your name.

What’s your first name again?

Milo nervously giggled and then reminded Angelica of his name but there was no stopping her.

Angelica exclaimed:

Milo? Oh god, you’re a posh dog!

Posh dogs are called Milo!

Channel 4

Any other guy would have been scared off but in a post-date interview Milo told the show that he wouldn’t mind another date with Angelica.

He said:

She came on quite strong and quite fiery – but I don’t mind that.

She was teasing me, but a little bit of teasing, that’s flirting.

I wouldn’t mind another date – you’re a quite interesting person.

Channel 4

But Angelica was still in her stride when the show asked her if she would like another date with Milo:

Do I have to be honest right now?


You need to hold your own. If you’re nice to me on a date, you’re not getting a second date.

Rather dumbfounded Milo replied:

She’s crazy.

Don’t worry Milo, we are with you mate!