Woman On Hen Do Sends Ridiculous List Of Six Rules For Vegas Trip

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Apr 2019 18:14
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A woman issued a strict set of rules for everyone attending a hen do in Vegas, and her demands are absolutely ridiculous. 

Even if you’ve never been to a hen do, or a bachelorette party, it’s pretty easy to take a guess at the type of activities which will take place.


Alcohol is likely to be free-flowing, the single ladies will probably flirt their way through the night, and, on the whole, there’s bound to be a multitude of sins taking place.

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Unless all of those things are specifically banned, that is.

In an Imgur post, one disgruntled hen shared the email sent out by the overly-controlling hen do attendee, who managed to suck the fun out of their Vegas trip before it had even begun.


The post explained the demanding woman hadn’t even originally been invited to the party, but managed to weasel her way in after making a scene.


It read:

Girl doesn’t get invited to a bachelorette party bc she’s a downer. She threw a giant fit until the bride finally [invited] her, the next day the bride and all 17 other females invited to the bachelorette party received this email. Sender is NOT the bride.


The email began quite positively, as the sender said she was excited for the trip and hoped all the women would be able to bond.

However, it swiftly took a ridiculous turn.


The hen wrote:


I know Vegas is known as “sin city”, but despite this, I still have to uphold the moral code our Father inscribed in my heart. Due to this,  I have some ground rules that I’d like everyone to follow.

These will not only help me remain aligned with the Church, but also keep us all out of trouble.

Sunday @ 7:15 am, we’ll be Ubering to the Church. I can’t wait to share God with all of you.

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Now, I’m not going to dispute the woman’s right to be religious – that’s completely up to her. But if everyone else wanted to get into trouble, who is she to stop them? And also, church at 7:15am on a Sunday morning? Is she aware Sunday mornings come directly after Saturday nights?

I can’t imagine a hen party in Vegas has ever had the kind of quiet Saturday night that would allow its attendees to be conscious at 7:15am the next morning.


But the woman had an easy way to make sure they wouldn’t be hungover; limit the alcohol.

Woman sends list of demands for hen doUrsulaIMeanVanessa/Imgur

The email continued:

In the hotel room, no hard liquor. I don’t want people getting inebriated and falling from the balcony.

I’m not sure how I’ll react to “rum” or “tequila” or “vodka” and I’d like to test these in more controlled environments.

Please stick to light beers and red wines.

Okay, obviously we don’t want anyone to fall from the balcony, but you can very easily get wasted from beer or wine. The ban on spirits isn’t going to stop them from getting drunk.

Michael Scott alcoholNBC

Also, why is she putting the names of spirits in quotation marks? Is she disputing they actually exist?

The next couple of rules banned both men and sex from the hotel rooms, in case the chosen suitors decided to steal anything.

The hen wrote:

As none of us have committed ourselves to husbands yet, there will be no need for premarital sex.


Again, I understand her own decision to refrain from sex before marriage, but she shouldn’t impose it on everyone else!

The sender then went on to ask for $50 for groceries so the group wouldn’t become ‘famished in that desert heat’, which isn’t too much of a ridiculous request, although she seems to be forgetting that Vegas is actually inhabited by humans who almost definitely have easy access to food and water.

Woman sends list of demands for hen doUrsulaIMeanVanessa/Imgur

The final rule was simple; no drugs. She had a fairly good argument for this one, pointing out many of the attendees work in positions that require security clearances, and so it would be unfortunate for them to get in trouble.

But she really crossed a line when she named and shamed one hen, requesting she left her Adderall at home despite the fact she actually had a medical condition.

The email read:

As we will not be studying, there’s no need for you to bring your methamphetamines.


Thankfully the ridiculous list of demands came to an end there, but unbelievably the woman added that there would probably be more to come as the trip grew closer.

I can only imagine what the responses of the 18 recipients would have been, and I’m sure they would not have been positive.

Hopefully the bride swiftly uninvited the woman – a hen do is not the time to have someone controlling your every move!


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