Woman Owns Guy Who Thinks He Knows Where The Clitoris Is

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Jun 2020 15:19
Woman Owns Guy Who Thinks He Knows Where The Clitoris IsWoman Owns Guy Who Thinks He Knows Where The Clitoris Islesfemmesfatale/Twitter/Unsplash

A young woman on Twitter has humorously illustrated how lost some people can get en route to the clitoris, with an anatomical diagram that has left even the most confident blokes rather baffled.


The woman, who tweets under the Twitter handle @lesfemmefataIe, shared a medical textbook picture of a human vulva. A region which is way more complicated and detailed than a quick glance would suggest.

Blacking out the names for each specific part, @lesfemmefataIe offered an impromptu biology test to her followers, joking, ‘since men think they know everything, where’s the clit’.

Some of the answers were pretty funny, and it’s fair to say plenty of people have been fumbling about in the dark without a road-map.


One response in particular caused the original poster some amusement, with a particularly assured individual replying, ‘it’s at the top, the third line to the right give me my money’.

However, this guy had unfortunately identified the urethra as the clitoris, the bladder opening through which a person – of any gender – urinates.

Although getting towards the right neighbourhood, he was still a good few streets away from the clit itself, a body part that has long proven to be somewhat of an elusive location for many people.

Happy to admit his mistake, the guy in question joked that he should have listened more carefully during health class. However, he is absolutely not alone in getting a little confused about the land between a woman’s legs.

A 2013 study of 236 college students between the age 18-36 years showed a notably high level of misunderstanding among men, suggesting that this is not simply a stereotype exaggerated in popular culture.

The study published in the National Library of Medicine revealed that 44% of men were unable to ‘find’ the clit, while a surprising 22% of women faced similar difficulties.

Author of the study, sexuality educator and gynecological nurse practitioner Sheri Winston, suggested that many modern women in the US continue to be impacted by inaccurate sex education from the first half of the 20th century, writing:


Fifty years ago, the repressive culture around female sexuality meant many women didn’t even know they had a clit. How were men supposed to ‘find’ something hardly anyone was aware was there?

Even today, the female anatomy is all too often spoken about in terms of the internal bits; the vaginal cavity and the uterus beyond. And this lack of understanding massively impacts upon how much fun women and men alike can have in the bedroom.

It’s important to also have a good understanding of the external parts which are so very vital when ensuring sex is pleasurable for all involved.

In some ways, the clitoris can be compared to the penis in the way that it allows for intense sexual excitement, however it plays no part in reproduction and is there simply to make a person feel good.

Often spoken as as being the primary source of female pleasure, the clitoris is situated at the junction of the inner lips of the vulva, known as the labia minora.


The clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings, meaning it is extremely sensitive. Indeed, despite what you may have seen in porn, many woman are only able to orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

Although deceptively small, the clitoris is a very powerful thing indeed. What you see on the outside in merely the tip of the iceberg, as per Planned Parenthood, with the rest of the shaft dividing into two external ‘legs’ which reach over five inches inside a woman’s body.

Remember, knowledge is power, and a good understanding of what you’re actually looking at down there will stand you in good stead for a happy and fulfilling sex life.

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