Woman Perfectly Breaks Down Why Gen Z Vs Millennial Culture War Is So Ridiculous

by : Emily Brown on : 27 Mar 2021 15:27
Woman Perfectly Breaks Down Why Gen Z Vs Millennial Culture War Is So Ridiculousnemesismarie6/TikTok

TikTokers have celebrated the idea of Gen Zs and Millennials teaming up after one user broke down why the culture war between the two generations is so ridiculous. 

Gen Z and Millennials are often pitted against each other, with the latter sometimes feeling targeted by criticisms about side partings, Eminem and culture in general from the younger group.


However, one TikTok user has had enough of the generations butting heads, and attempted to bridge the gap between the two in a video captioned, ‘Gen Z vs Millennials.’

Check it out below:


In the video, Némesis Marie described the apparent battle between generations as the ‘dumbest beef’ she’d witnessed in her ’25 years of life’.

She argued that ‘we’re both equally f*cked’, and noted that Milliennials were subject to enough trauma after being ‘raised by Boomers’, and from growing up with the notion that ‘if we work hard, we’ll get anything that we want’.

Marie continued, ‘That’s how f*cking boomers got their sh*t, buying property at 25 just because they could. Now that we’re at that age where our career is supposed to be booming, then the panini hit. Now we’re like, careers? What the f*ck is that?’

TikToker breaks down Gen Z v Millennials@nemesismarie6/TikTok

For those of you who may be lost right now, the ‘panini’ in this particular video refers to the pandemic.

The TikToker then turned her attention to Gen Z, noting that they grew up with social media being ‘shoved down their throats since the moment they came out of their mother’s vaginas’.

Marie suggested that the influx of ‘crazy’ social media must have ‘had some traumatic implications’, and said that for Gen Z, the ‘panini’ hit just as they were going through ‘very formative years, to go from teens to adults’.

TikToker breaks down Gen Z v Millennials@nemesismarie6/TikTok

Rounding off her argument, she said, ‘My conclusion is, we need to stick together to fight the common enemy: capitalism.’

Viewers were quick to agree with Marie, with commenters saying that they’d be on board with ‘everyone teaming up’ and ‘hold[ing] hands instead of throwing’.

Could this be the start of a beautiful new friendship between the two generations? Probably not, but we can always hope.

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Nemisis Marie/TikTok
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