Woman Praised For Barking At Creepy Guys Who Catcall Her On Street

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 04 Apr 2021 10:53
Woman Praised For Barking At Creepy Guys Who Catcall Her On Street whatsupimjared/TikTok

Most women would be unsure how to respond to being catcalled – but this TikToker sure does.

TikToker @whatsupimjared, also known as Lo on the platform, shared a video of her walking down the street talking to the camera when some men she passed started hitting on her.


In the clip, Lo is talking about the T-shirt she’s wearing and if she suits the colour purple when all of a sudden a group of guys, who aren’t seen in the video, start saying hello to her.

Lo initially responds by chirpily saying ‘hi’ back, before things turn weird and they start commenting on how ‘fine’ she is.


how to properly deal with men

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Continuing to walk on, Lo then turns round and simply barks at the men – something she’s since been applauded for. She captioned the video, ‘How to properly deal with men’.

One person commented, ‘That’s a great response I’ll be using that’, while someone else wrote, ‘Normalize barking at men’.

Someone else said, ‘I feel like this was an appropriate reaction’ as another TikTok-user said that they were ‘taking notes’ on how she handled the situation.

Other people commented on how annoying it is when men catcall women and how uncomfortable it can be. One guy wrote, ‘Just scrolled from another post about men being sickening. It’s a pandemic all in itself’.


Lo responded directly to this saying, ‘I have to point out that you are the ONLY man who’s not said something about me asking for it or not understanding how it makes us uncomfy. thank you!’

Meanwhile, someone else said, ‘Men doing what they do best: ruining the vibe’ as another commented on how Lo was nice to the guys ‘until they got super weird’.

Some people said Lo was ‘flirting’ by saying hello back, but she clapped back at this saying that she says hello to anyone and everyone.


Saying ‘hello’ isn’t flirting, people.

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