Woman Pranks Sleeping Boyfriend By Covering Him In Waxing Strips

man with wax strips on chestViralHog

As everyone’s favourite bard once wrote, ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’.

This guy’s chest though? Smoother than the Fonz.

That’s thanks to his girlfriend, who decided to play a devilish prank on her man, as he slept. The reason for the prank? Revenge, naturally. In relationships, there’s almost always something that’s gone down which warrants some kind of revenge.

Though revenge can vary wildly in degrees of cruelty, from the simple but effective silent treatment to being banished to sleep on the couch, the tale of revenge between partners has been around for centuries – as Shakespeare proved. This method of revenge, though, is definitely on the extreme side of the scale.

Check it out:

As the guy slumbers soundly on the sofa, his partner can be seen applying an unhealthy number of waxing strips all over his chest, stomach and armpits.

Amazingly, the first time the dude wakes up he doesn’t notice the little strips of paper terror secured to his body. He throws his head back and tries to get some more kip.

A few seconds later though, the reality of the situation he’s in hits him, and a pitiful scream is unleashed as he tries to peel off the first waxy nightmare.

Though the pain is real, I think he can see the funny side.

Who knows, maybe he has secretly wanted a decent chest wax for a long time but was too proud to admit it. Instead, he had left clues and hints around the house for his partner to find, Inception-style. And when he just happened to be bare-chested on the sofa, the idea she thought she’d had for herself was all just part of his bigger plan.

karate kid wax on wax offColumbia

However, there may be more to revenge between romantic partners than you think.

In a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, excellently titled ‘Payback: The parameters of revenge in romantic relationships’, researchers found a deeper meaning behind such pranks.

After finding that most revenge responses involved ‘relationship rules violations’, the study said:

Most participants attributed their decisions to retaliate to the desire to bring about desired change in their partners (e.g., suffering, correction, or empathy), to redress their own unpleasant feelings, or to rectify injustice.

In other words, harsh pranks can either be to get your partner to change annoying habits, get your own back, or take out your own feelings of frustration on them.

On the other hand – if this isn’t revenge, and the woman was only acting upon an instinct to prank her other half, what are the consequences then?

Well, to take it back to the bard:

If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?

If it carried on this way though, we’d just end up in a revenge spiral. And while that’s great for viral content, it’s not particularly healthy for relationships. Kill ’em with kindness instead.

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