Woman Reacts Terribly To Being Rejected By Guy She Friendzoned


A woman told a man she wasn’t interested after a date, but when he agreed, she went off on one in a series of raging text messages. 

The man set off this strange chain of events with an innocent message saying he enjoyed their date, but then what happened next quickly seemed to escalate out of all proportion.

The woman then replied by thanking him for the date, but saying she wasn’t really interested in him anyway and hoped she didn’t get his ‘hopes up.’

The images of the conversation were uploaded to Reddit by ‘ToastedCookieOats’:


Perhaps relieved by her confession, the guy responded by saying ‘I felt the same way.’

Instead of agreeing with him and parting ways, the woman then appeared to be outraged by his admission and questioned why he didn’t want to see her.


The guy then seemed to be pretty confused by this abrupt display of anger and tried to diffuse the situation, before she accused him of getting ‘salty.’


The man, clearly taken aback by his date’s rage, merely explained it was the ‘polite’ thing to do, before she absolutely let rip into his personal appearance, which is a low blow by anyone’s standards.


At this point the guy was forced to address his baldness as well as his supposed limp, although he did fat shame the girl by bringing her weight into question, which isn’t nice and basically brings him onto the same level as her.


She did decide to go one step further though and brought up the size of his penis, which seems hardly necessarily…

She continued ranting at him, even slating his salary and calling him a ‘loser,’ which seems more than uncalled for.


At this point, the guy had had enough of her abuse and claimed he’d ‘dodged a bullet,’ which to be honest, sounds like he really has…

All the angry girl could say in response to that was call him a ‘loser’ again and tell him to ‘fuck off.’


The excruciating encounter was shared to Reddit yesterday and was viewed over 350,000 times, scoring itself over 5,500 comments.

That situation certainly got out hand pretty quickly.

Hell hath no fury like a hypocrite scorned clearly…