Woman Records Terrifying Video Of ‘Poltergeist’ In Her Kitchen

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Aug 2018 19:57
Poltergeist activity reported in Cork.Poltergeist activity reported in Cork.ViralHog

A woman has shared footage which reportedly shows evidence of turbulent poltergeist activity at her home.


Aisling Murphy, who lives in a countryside home in Cork, Republic of Ireland, with her boyfriend, captured the creepy happenings in their kitchen.

The eerie footage begins with a ceiling lamp swaying back and forth repeatedly, becoming more and more vigorous with every swing.

The apparent poltergeist then appears to gain confidence, becoming louder and more volatile as it begins its tricks…


At first, the activity is subtle, with an object propped up beside the fridge falling sideways. I mean, sure this would be spooky if you were home alone but it could easily just be a gust of wind.

Things get a bit weirder when a large silver bowl suddenly clatters across the work surface – covering a fair distance – before a chopping board jerks forward on the countertop. But still, a skeptic could certainly reason this away.

Things then take a sharp turn towards Paranormal Activity territory when a cupboard door is apparently prised open by an invisible hand and smacked with force against the wall. However, this is nothing compared to what happens next.

Without warning, a wash basket shoots across the kitchen floor at an incredible speed; crashing into the wall directly in front of the surprisingly calm fillmaker. Weirder still, the basket appears to be lifted slightly on one side by an unseen entity.

The footage has since gone viral, and has divided amateur ghost hunters everywhere.

Some people have been spooked, with one commenter shuddering:

I believe this is real. How do you explain the press opening on the opposite direction from the camera whilst the windows are closed.

Plus if someone was on the other side pulling it would be obvious to see the wires reflecting from the windows even if its fishing wires.


Another trembled:

What that is I believe its known to be a poltergeist whatever its called they are things that do things in the house but can’t be seen since its invisible for humans.

I would say they are just spirits but in other words they can appear through stress or anxiety but so scary from how its going on that video but they can act violently as well.

However, other viewers were just not convinced whatsoever; believing the footage to be nothing more than a very clever fake.

One person scoffed:

Well. Seeing as there is no such thing as ghosts. as much as you wish it to be. there is no such sh*t.

So therefore. Its obviously a fake.

Unless you’re in lala land, and you actually believe this stuff. Which would make you an idiot.

Another snorted:

If it was real you would have ran screaming not just standing there. Funny how they were recording just at that [moment].

So has this video persuaded you of the existence of poltergeists, or will you need a little bit more convincing?

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