Woman Refuses To Shave Moustache Or Unibrow To ‘Weed Out’ Bad Dates

by : Cameron Frew on : 20 Feb 2021 13:29
Woman Refuses To Shave Moustache Or Unibrow To 'Weed Out' Bad DatesMDWfeatures/Eldina Jaganjac

A Danish woman says she refuses to shave her moustache or unibrow in order to ‘weed out’ bad dates.

Eldina Jaganjac, a tutor from Copenhagen, grew up becoming more and more frustrated with the expectancies placed upon women, particularly the difference in hair removal compared to men.


The 31-year-old stopped using a tweezer to remove the hairs between her eyebrows and shaving her upper lip back in March 2020, soon realising she felt just as feminine with the hair there.

Danish woman 2MDWfeatures/Eldina Jaganjac

Even though Eldina isn’t in any way concerned with what she looks like, she’s still had to deal with men on the street shouting ‘pluck that’ or staring at her eyebrows like she has a ‘third head’ – but for her, this helps ward off people she doesn’t want to be around.

Eldina thinks her unibrow and facial hair allows her to weed out ‘conservative’ suitors who don’t want to be with her just because of her looks.

MDWfeatures/Eldina Jaganjac

She explained: ‘Before I let my unibrow grow out, I did feel like there were extremely limited options to how women were supposed to look. If a man doesn’t shave and doesn’t pluck his eyebrows, no one notices or comments and it’s nothing out of the ordinary.’

She continued: ‘Just like many other women, I have learned to police myself. For instance, I used to not feel comfortable going outside unless my eyebrows were the accepted small size, and I wouldn’t go to the gym unless my legs were clean shaven.’

MDWfeatures/Eldina Jaganjac

Eldina added: ‘Now, I’ve chosen to focus on the tasks and goals that I need to have done and less on how I appear while doing them and whether people like me or not, because I probably won’t ever see them again, and if I do, I still don’t care.’

Eldina said it was ‘was uncomfortable at first, but if some people have nothing to do other than yell at strangers, then so be it.’

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