Woman Asked Out By Man Who Once Rejected Her Before 5st Weight Loss

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Mar 2020 12:28
Woman Rejected By Man Due To Weight Loses 5st So He Came Crawling BackWoman Rejected By Man Due To Weight Loses 5st So He Came Crawling BackKennedy News and Media

A woman has ended up having the last laugh after a man rejected her on her birthday for being ‘bigger than he would go for’.

24-year-old Lori Ball, from St Asaph in Denbighshire, Wales, had been greatly looking forward to her first date with this bloke, having been single for four years.


After an initial meeting, they decided to make plans to celebrate her birthday, just six days later. Lori was thrilled, and couldn’t have anticipated what was to come next.

Kennedy News and MediaKennedy News and MediaKennedy News and Media

Mere hours before they were due to meet for dinner, Lori’s date had a change of heart; telling her that he had been having second thoughts about seeing her because of her weight.

Tipping the scales at 15st 12lb – and with a size 16 dress size – Lori’s weight had piled on over the course of a two year period.


During this time, Lori, who works as an insulation consultant, admitted she had ‘lived to eat’; gorging on takeaways and snacking on crackers topped with spreadable cheese.

Lori said:

I’d been unhappy. I’d put it on over the space of two years. I’d been unhappy for a long time and tried to lose it but just couldn’t stick to anything because I love food. My mum eats to survive, whereas I live to eat. I love going out to eat.

I was single for about four years and I tried online dating and went on a date. We went out, had a nice time, arranged to go out again on my birthday but he went really cold on me.

He messaged me that day after we had booked to go out for my birthday, saying, ‘I’m really sorry to do this, but I don’t want to see you again because you are bigger than what I would go for’.

Revenge BodyRevenge BodyKennedy News and Media

Lori was understandably devastated by this hurtful rejection, but didn’t let it bring her down. Showing admirable strength and determination, Lori overcame her disappointment and decided to turn her life around for the better. And she hasn’t looked back.

In January 2018, Lori joined a Slimming World group with a friend, and was inspired to begin recreating her favourite takeaway dishes at home with healthy swaps and changes. She also began working out up to six days a week, consulting a personal trainer to find out how she could tone up.

After changing jobs, Lori saw her daily step count soar from 3,000 to over 15,000 every day, with five stone having fallen off her by June 2018. This was all just six months after she began her life transforming health kick.

Revenge BodyRevenge BodyKennedy News and Media

Having previously avoided being in photographs, a newly-confident Lori is now delighted when people remark upon her transformation:

I was never deprived of anything. I didn’t cut out the things I wanted which I think is a big mistake that people make. I don’t see it as a diet, I see it as I totally changed my lifestyle.

I think people focus too much on, ‘I can’t have bread, I can’t have pasta, I can’t have chocolate’. But yes you can. You can account for it in your daily expenditure. I went to a Slimming World group with a friend of mine. I only did a very short term but it helped me to get a better relationship with food.

Obviously it’s about portion control and eating more healthy stuff. I did it for probably around three weeks and then I did it on a more calorie counting basis. I lost a couple of pounds in the first couple of weeks and then people started to notice and that spurred me on to carry on.

Revenge BodyRevenge BodyKennedy News and Media

Lori continued:


I drastically reduced the takeaways I was eating. Before, when I was making pasta I wouldn’t weigh it, whereas now I weigh the amount of pasta that I have.

Even now, if I was a Creme Egg I will have it, but I’ll log it and make sure I don’t go over the calories for the day. If I go over on that I might reduce the amount of pasta I have for my tea. It’s just being more mindful of what you’re actually putting in your mouth.

The other night I really wanted a Five Guys so I went online and totalled up the calories of what I wanted to have from there, and it was about 1,900 calories. That’s over my daily intake.

That’s crazy. [Before I lost weight] I would have whatever I wanted in the day and go for a Burger King and have whatever I wanted from there, and not be as active.

It’s amazing looking back now. But [losing weight] is really not easy. It’s so easy to put it on but it’s not easy to take it off. It takes a lot of determination, especially when you love food. I didn’t give anything up, which I think helped me.

Just two months after reaching her goal weight of 10st 8lb, Lori found new love and happiness after meeting her current boyfriend Sam Roberts.

And Lori, who now wears size 10 clothes, ended up having the last laugh after the very same guy who turned her down reached out to her months later to enquire if she was still single.

A decidedly non-interested Lori chose to ignore his message, and cannot help but chuckle to see how he continues to watch all her Instagram stories.

Revenge BodyRevenge BodyKennedy News and Media

Lori said:

It cut me deep. It really cut me deep. I don’t hold it against him because he was honest. I thank him for it now because that was when I decided to make a change.

And I did. That gave me a real kick-start to be honest. I’m grateful to him now. He messaged me a couple of months later saying something along the lines of, ‘hi, how are you doing, you look really well. Are you still single?’.

I never replied to him. I didn’t bother. He still follows me on Instagram and watches my story. Oh dear. I’ve been in a relationship for nearly two years. I met my partner in August 2018. I didn’t want to try again until I was ready and I didn’t go back on online dating or anything.

I just happened to meet him at the Royal Welsh Show. It just went from there. I’d already lost my weight by them. He’s not very sympathetic, my boyfriend. He’s a cutthroat farmer boyfriend but he does know about what happened to make me lose weight.

A very well done to Lori to moving onwards and upwards with her life. Hopefully the man who rejected her before crawling back will get the message loud and clear…

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