Man’s Brutal Way Of Dumping Girlfriend Exposed By Horrified Woman


The saying goes, all’s fair in love and war, but this guy’s ploy to break up with his ‘boring’ girlfriend is extremely under the belt in every sense.

An unidentified woman, who runs the Wine Gang Twitter feed, has exposed Dave Hope’s sick plot to help his mate Steve break up with his girlfriend.

Break ups are admittedly hard for both parties and Dave thought he had a great solution to Steve’s impending split, that would teach the unsuspecting woman a lesson.


Dave figured he would hire an escort to sleep with Steve, who was looking for something more risque in his relationships.

The easiest way to do this, Dave thought, would be paying a prostitute to punish Steve’s girlfriend for allegedly being ‘boring and shit in bed’.

But rather than just get Steve to tell his significant other he’d cheated, Dave thought the message would be better hammered home if the escort called Steve’s girlfriend during the infidelity to ‘properly rub her face in it’.


The propositioned woman instantly questioned what the girlfriend had done to deserve such harsh treatment and gratuitous cruelty from her soon-to-be ex, Steve.

Her crime? According to Dave she is a ‘typical posh bore’ – whatever that means – and Steve was just ‘sick to death of boring shy girls’.


Screenshots of the text conversation between Dave and the horrified woman he was propositioning to sleep with Steve have been released on Twitter, in order to ‘call out Dave/Steve for the cunts that they are’.

The Wine Gang leader captioned the screengrabs with the following warning:

If you have a boyfriend called Steve, who lives with a Dave Hope (early 30s) in London, please get rid immediately.

The messages have since gone viral, with many people dubbing the dickish behaviour as ‘sick’.

After all, tainting an already difficult situation with an added dose of humiliation and heartache can only be the brainchild of a hurtful bastard.