Woman Reveals Surprising Things That Are Normal In America But Offensive In Russia

by : Cameron Frew on : 22 Jun 2021 13:55
Woman Reveals Surprising Things That Are Normal In America But Offensive In Russia@alyssuhlyssa/TikTok

A woman has revealed the normal things Americans do that would get a big ‘нет’ in Russia. 

Across the world and even just across regions of the same city, everywhere has cultural differences. For example, as a Scotsman living in England, I’ve found myself against the grain of people’s behaviours on more than one occasion.


Of course, the further you go, the more notable the societal and behavioural changes are. Between the US and Russia, a TikToker has revealed some of the stranger, surprising, more hilarious contrasts.


Аlyssa Lyssa, aka @alyssuhlyssa, regularly posts TikToks explaining small differences between the two nations when it comes to the simplest things. For example, while many people tend to throw their keys on the table when they get home, it’s considered bad luck in Russian culture.

Here are a few of them: while you can get away with not bringing anything if you’re a guest (although, you really should bring a bottle), it’s seen as rather rude by Russians; while a more self-obsessed American may be upset at their friend trying to ‘outshine’ them with an outfit at a party, Russians wouldn’t care, and would likely be more offended if they didn’t make an effort.

Alyssa Lyssa has pointed out differences between US and Russia. (@alyssuhlyssa/TikTok)@alyssuhlyssa/TikTok

There’s also the battle over who pays the bill at a restaurant. According to Alyssa, it’s expected there’s a playful struggle between who pays, rather than someone just quickly accepting the other diner will do it.


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When it comes to a party, some people may feel they should adhere to the organised times. However, for Russians, Alyssa says parties don’t have ‘end times, they end when the last guest leaves, and if that’s before 2am, it was a disaster.’

When you meet a friend’s mum or dad for the first time, there’s often the stress about what you call them. Do you just avoid the name altogether? Do you say Mr or Mrs? Do you dare call someone by their first name? Often, they’ll say something like ‘Just call me Kate’ and you’re in the clear.


If you asked a Russian mum if it’d be okay to call her Kate, Alyssa says they’d respond something along the lines of: ‘What kind of Katya am I to you? I am Ekaterina Petrovna, and don’t come a step closer.’

Finally, if you were to return from a friend’s house hungry, a Russian parent would be mortified on their mum’s behalf. ‘It is her job, she returned to me a hungry child,’ Alyssa expects they’d say.


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