Woman Reveals What Happens To Unmarried People In Unusual Denmark Tradition

by : Hannah Smith on : 09 Sep 2021 18:08
Woman Reveals What Happens To Unmarried People In Unusual Denmark Tradition@kellylouisekilljoy/TikTok

Every country has its own birthday traditions, whether its blowing out candles or getting beaten up by your mates in the school playground.

However, Denmark’s unique way of celebrating significant birthdays might just be the weirdest of them all.


If you’ve ever been to Denmark, you may have come across puddles of weird brown goo at the bottom of lampposts or trees. And according to Danish TikToker Kelly Louise, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation behind this.

A Dane celebrating their 25th birthday (@kellylouisekilljoy/TikTok)@kellylouisekilljoy/TikTok

As Kelly explains, in Denmark a woman’s 25th birthday is seen as a milestone occasion, particularly if she is not yet married. With footage to back her explanation up, Kelly says that on a single woman’s 25th birthday, her friends and family will ‘tie you to the nearest pole, pour water all over you, and then cover you in cinnamon’.

It sounds like a really bad prank, but apparently this is quite the tradition in Denmark, with everything from buckets to leaf blowers being used to conduct the rite of passage. ‘How much you get depends heavily on the morals of your friends,’ Kelly says.


And lest you assume only women suffer this treatment, Kelly also reveals that men have their own version of the tradition, with unmarried 30-year-olds getting tied up and coated in pepper.

@kellylouisekilljoyHave you ever encountered spicy streets in Denmark? 🌶🇩🇰 ##denmark ##danish ##birthdaytradition♬ original sound – Kelly Louise Killjoy

Apparently, this all dates back hundreds of years, to the Danish term for an unmarried 30-year-old, which literally translates to pepper bachelor/maiden, and for unmarried 25 year olds, which translates to cinnamon bachelor/maiden.

All of which means that, if you’re turning 25 or 30 soon and you don’t yet have a ring on your finger, maybe avoid Copenhagen when planning your birthday weekend.


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    Have you ever encountered spicy streets in Denmark?