Woman Says She Gets Mistaken For Meghan Markle All The Time

by : UNILAD on : 03 Jun 2018 07:59
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Meghan Markle is arguably one of the most recognisable faces in the world at the minute thanks to her marriage to Prince Harry.


I mean, you can’t imagine her going down the shops anymore to get a pint of milk without being inundated with paparazzi.

But at least she gets the perks of the lifestyle, like the palaces and all that, so there is that benefit I guess.

Not so for the people who merely look like Meghan, who are probably sick to death of being told they resemble the Duchess.


Just like Danielle Harris, a 33-year-old from the US who claims she gets mistaken for Markle at least four times a week.

And as though things weren’t confusing enough, Danielle got married back in 2017 – shock horror!

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Danielle’s wedding was slightly different to Prince Harry and Meghan’s effort, costing just 0.0001 per cent of the price of the royal wedding.

Meghan wore Givenchy, Danielle wore a simple white gown which cost $1,800. Meghan’s wedding had 600 guests, Danielle’s had 115.

So there are a few differences, but that doesn’t stop the comparisons to Meghan, says Danielle.


She says:


My husband and I were in the Gucci store in Dallas and they were taking so long to wrap up my things I couldn’t understand it.

Until all the sales associates came out of the back to meet me. It was so funny.

On Friday I was standing in the grocery store line and this old lady in front of me had a magazine with Meghan on it.

She started doing a double take and said, ‘has anyone ever told you..’ but i just finished her sentence for her.

Everyone always tells me, ‘Danielle, you need to get a job as her double’. My husband even jokes that he’d be my manager.

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She continued:

It was four years ago when a mutual friend first said to me that I look just like Rachel Zane, Meghan’s character in Suits.

I didn’t watch the show then, but I couldn’t see the similarities when she showed me the picture.

I didn’t think much of it until the past year or so when Meghan and Harry’s relationship became public.

If I had five dollars for everyone who has said I look like her over the last 12 months I would be so rich.

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Danielle isn’t, however, phased by the constant comparisons.

She says:

We’re both mixed race and I also have freckles like Meghan. She’s so beautiful I think it’s a huge compliment when people tell me we look alike.

It makes me laugh.

While Danielle certainly looks just like Meghan, she didn’t get the invite to the wedding like one of her other lookalikes.

The 35-year-old lookalike and her mother were invited by Harry and Meghan to Windsor Castle, to witness the nuptials on May 19.

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Sarah, from Warrington, told Mirror Online prior to the wedding:

I was thrilled when mum was invited and asked me to be her plus one. Meghan has changed my life and so it is fitting that I will get to see her on her wedding day, I’m so excited.

Hopefully I won’t get mistaken for the real Meghan.

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It’s a shame they couldn’t just cast Sarah or Danielle to play Rachel in Suits and see if anybody noticed.

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