Woman Says She’s Dating Ghost She Met In Australia And They Want Children

Amethyst RealmITV

While most ghost stories involve mysterious, sometimes frightening scenes with haunted houses, poltergeists and paranormal activity, it’s not often we are treated to a ghost love story.

Amethyst Realm – yep – has revealed that, after having had other ‘sexual encounters’ with ghosts in the past, she has now found the one and ‘settled down’.

Since breaking up with her fiancé 12 years ago, Amethyst claims to have slept with 15 ghosts. Most of us don’t even see ghosts, yet Amethyst has slept with 15?! Some people get all the luck.

On a recent trip to Australia, however, she met Mr Perfect (still a ghost) who she says has come back to the UK with her.

I know what you’re thinking – how she did get him on the plane? Do ghosts have passports? Did he have to bring spare sheets to wear? Did he need a seat on the plane or did he just float about the cabin?

Anyway, the pair have returned to the UK and their relationship is progressing nicely.

Amethyst told Australian website New Idea how the lovebirds met.

She said:

One day, while I was walking through the bush, enjoying nature, I suddenly felt this incredible energy. I knew a lover had arrived.

That’s a power I bet many people wish they had. Imagine just walking through town and all of a sudden you knew a lover had arrived? Your future was set, you knew they were the one and you’d spend the rest of your life together?

Then again, that scenario has serious potential to go horribly wrong.

So what happens when you’re in a relationship with a ghost? Though the ghost may be more concerned with the past, Amethyst has her eyes on the future.

She said:

It’s pretty serious. In fact, we’ve even been thinking about having a ghost baby.

I know that sounds crazy but I’ve been looking into it and I don’t think it’s totally out of the question.

She’s probably not the first person to wish for a Casper rather than a human baby. You’d save a fortune on baby food and nappies, and only have to clean up a bit of ectoplasm every now and again.

Amethyst believes phantom pregnancies are actually ‘ghost babies’, it’s just that they don’t go to term because the human body and mind can’t process them, as the Mirror reports.

scene from The ExorcistWarner Bros

I’m not so sure. You only have to watch some real life documentaries like The Exorcist or Ghost to know that the human body definitely can process ghosts, and do some pretty out-there stuff when it happens.

Speaking to Holly and Phil last year, Amethyst revealed that her fiancé left her because he caught her cheating on him with a spirit.

She said:

It was about 12 years ago now, I was living with my fiancé and he was working away a lot.

I started to feel a presence.

Deciding to take things further, Amethyst put on some lingerie and waited for the ghost. She claims that, just before falling asleep, the ghost showed up and they had sex.

Philip said:

I could imagine you’ve got quite a name for yourself in the spirit world.

Classic Schofield.

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